Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You Look Fantastic!!

I read a funny newspaper article recently about the rude questions/comments that pregnant women must endure. It included a "guide" on how to talk to pregnant women. It made me laugh, so I figured I would share. I don't have the actual article, but it went something like this....

Instead of saying "Woah! You are really huge! Are you sure you aren't having twins?" (I actually was asked this more than once with my last pregnancy)
Try saying "Wow!!! You look fantastic!"

Instead of "Geez! You are STILL pregnant?!? You look like you are about to pop!"
Try saying: "Wow!!! You look fantastic!"

Instead of "Awwww, you look so tiny. There is NO WAY you are that far along."
Try saying: "Wow!!! You look fantastic!"

Instead of saying "Can I touch your belly?"
Try saying "Here, would you like a place to sit down?"

Instead of just reaching out and rubbing a pregnant belly
Try rubbing your own because you have absolutely no excuse to be that way!!

Instead of saying "Are you really going to name your child that??"
Try saying: "Wow!!! You look fantastic!"

Instead of saying "Boy, do I have a horrifying labor story to tell you!"
Try saying: Nothing

Instead of saying "Man, I tore like nobody's business!"
Try saying: See answer above


Kellan said...

All - good advice!!! See ya.

the dragonfly said...

If a pregnant woman *asks* me for my labor & delivery story, I give a toned-down version (yes, it was awful, yes, it did some damage to me, but my little boy was worth every bit of it, etc etc).

And oh my goodness, I cannot believe that people think it's okay to touch a pregnant woman's stomach without permission!!

desirae said...

When I was pregnant, while sitting at my dr's office, a woman said "You are the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen!" No it wasn't to me.. It was to some lady sitting opposite me.. There I sat, "glowing" but ignored (she could have thrown in oh you too, and I would have been happy). I think that was the worst I felt my whole pregnancy (i'm still bitter.) I vowed then and there to tell every pregnant woman I saw that they were the cutest/prettiest pregnant woman I'd ever seen. (I should probably get on that)

girlymom said...

This really made me laugh. My baby is 9 weeks old and it is amazing what people will say. My biggest frustration was when pregnant...are you trying/hoping for a boy (I already have 3 girls)

And then after the baby was born (another girl!!)... are you/hubby upset that it is another girl? OR are you going to try again for a boy?
C'mon people babies are a gift- boy or girl. I happen to love all the pink around here!
All time comment though... (I was a young mom) when pregnant with my first, I was working a temp job at Baby Gap. This lady was shopping for a baby shower gift and when I told her I was due around the same time, she looked at me very snotty and said...Well, I hope it was a wanted pregnancy!! Can you believe the nerve!! Ouch!

Wow, this got long fast, sorry!

One Scrappy Gal said...


utmomof5 said...

This should be common knowledge but unfortunatly some people actully have to be told to never touch a pregnant womans belly!!

You can never tell a pregnant woman enough how fantastic she looks.


Leah said...

LOL SOOO true!!

It's amazing what people feel is their business, before AND after the birth!