Friday, February 20, 2009

Kittens Inspired by Kittens

Ok, so after being gone for so long, I know this is a really odd post, but it's for my sister, Jill. I promise I will write something real soon...

Friday, January 23, 2009

We've Got Our Eyes on You!

We got a new camera for Christmas and we had an excellent time taking pictures of our eyes and examining the different colors they are. Just thought I would post 'em up here so you can talk about how weird we are.






Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Blame My Booty

When I was a teenager, I was into all kinds of sports. I played basketball and soccer. I dabbled in track and cross country. I even took a shot at volleyball once. I loved being active. I loved working out. I loved pushing myself until I could barely breathe, knowing that my muscles would be screaming at me 24 hours later.

I can remember when I was on the school basketball team they used to kill us during the first week of practice. By that second day, the muscles in my body hurt so bad I could barely move. I can also vividly remember smiling as I would run up and down the stairs in my house everyday after practice for that first horrific week. That feeling of my muscles screaming at me in agony was almost euphoric. IT made me feel alive.

Apparently, I was on CRACK!!!

I have started working out again. Mostly because I was sick of lying down with my family to watch a movie on our family movie night and having my children laugh at the fact that my butt jiggles when they smack it. I tried to tell them that their butts all jiggled too, but they didn't listen. In fact, when I grabbed Mikaily and pinned her down to show them, my boys took advantage of the fact that my hands were tied up holding Mikaily down and each of them picked a cheek and started smacking away at my butt. Little Punkers......

My. Body. Hurts. No, hurt isn't the right word. My body aches. No, my body is in ANGUISH! How could I ever have liked this feeling?? Could it possibly have felt like this back then?? Maybe it's worse because I am approaching 30...?? I doubt that, though. I am older now, but I worked like 17 times as hard when I was a teenager and on those various sports teams. It hurts when I stand. It hurts when I sit. IT HURTS WHEN I BREATHE!!! Our baby gate has become my nemesis. Do you have any idea how high those stupid things really are?? I am going to have to move a mini-fridge and a port-o-potty into our toy room so I don't have to attempt to scale that dang-blasted thing tomorrow. I can just imagine myself crashing to the floor after flinging my first leg over and then not quite clearing the toes on my second foot. I imagine I would probably knock out a tooth......or 3, on the hard, tile floor on the other side. Maybe I should just throw down one of the mattresses on the other side of the gate. Then I can just walk up to it and fling myself over with no worries of permanently maiming myself. This sucks.

Stupid jiggly butt. It's all your fault.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is It Just Me, Or Are You Glad That It's January Too?!?

The past couple of weeks have been so crazy. I know, it's that way for everyone during the holidays.

Remember when I posted about cutting Evan's hair?? I was completely distraught over the demise of his magnificent curls. Well, I have seen a new light. I now look at the whole experience in a different way. I feel as though it must have been inspired. Why, you ask.
Well, a few days ago I was sitting on my couch, reading. I suddenly realized it was quiet. It shouldn't be. All of my children were home from school for break. I pulled myself out of the book and cocked one ear, straining to hear something...anything. I did. It was a giggle.....well, actually, it was a lot of giggles. I immediately tossed my book onto the couch and jogged towards the seemed to be coming from my bathroom. (Never a good thing, is it??) I opened the door and there, standing in the middle of the bathroom floor, were Kyle and Evan. I noticed a small, purple teacup that belonged to my daughters tea set. Inside that cup was a small pile of dark brown hair. I immediately gasped and shouted "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Kyle placed a pair of safety scissors on the counter. "He wanted a haircut," was his genius reply. It was right then that I realized the impromptu cutting of the curls a few short weeks earlier had been divine intervention. Because, if that small pile of hair in the tea cup had been a small pile of curls, I think I would have been down one child. Evan now has a bald spot on the side of his head. I told him we would have to shave his head again and he fell to pieces. He had been studying his hair every morning for the last week, wondering if his curls had come back yet. I didn't end up buzzing him. I figure if I give it a week or two, his curls might be back enough to cover the small spot. When people ask what happened, I just tell them it was a confused seagull.
This all, of course, was after Kyle and Evan had decided to play "Vampire Baseball" in our kitchen, mowing their baby sister over as if she were the umpire, trying to stop the winning run. And that was after they had decided to rip a hole in the center of one of their mattresses. A hole that goes almost all the way to the springs (And stop rolling your eyes at me, I do actually supervise my children. I promise. You'd be amazed at how little time it takes to rip a gaping hole into the center of a mattress.)
I was glad when my older children headed back to school yesterday, because that meant I could get the younger ones back into some semblance of normal.
Needless to say, I need a vacation!! Although, oh....oh!! That reminds me. I am getting one! Not until April, but it will be well worth the wait. I am going to go meet Kellan Lutz (AKA Emmett Cullen)in Orlando at AccioCon with my sister. Are you jealous?? Yeah. You should be. So at least there is a light at the end of this super long, bald-headed, hole-filled tunnel!