Friday, November 9, 2007

My Fabulous Bag

This is my diaper bag....

Isn't it pretty? I LOVE this bag. I want to marry this bag (That is if I wasn't already married to a wonderful man. Love you sweetie!!) It is red. It is shiny. It is youthful. It is eye-catching. It is, in a word, FABULOUS!!! It is everything I want to be. Ok, well I don't want to be red. That would probably mean I had a really bad sunburn. Been there, done that. Not going back, thank you very much. Well, and I guess I don't want to be shiny either. In fact, I pay good money for cleansers to keep me from being shiny. But you get my point. I hope.

So, this amazing bag of mine is impressive in more ways than one. It still looks marvelous from the outside after being carted around everywhere I go and it is big enough that it can hold all the crap that I needlessly cart around with me. See....

The contents of my bag consists of:
3 pens (1 that didn't work)
1 UN SHARPENED pencil (maybe I could poke someones eye out if they tried to mug me..??)
3 stickers (2 were transformers and one was veggie tales)
2 things of lip gloss
1 tube of chap stick...cherry flavored, of course.
1 coconut lip butter (from The Body lip stuff EVER!! Only problem is it tastes so good I usually just lick it off as soon as I put it on!! and can you tell I came form a cold climate?? A girl can never have too many moisturizing lip products.)
1 watch (That never gets worn because it just becomes a toy for my baby and then my wrist ends up covered in baby slobber)
1 rattle (Sassy rocks!)
1 small toy dog
61 cents (see, mugging me would be a mistake. You would end up with 61 cents and only one eye)
1 hair clip (the big claw kind. I am not sure why I have this. I don't even use this kind of hair clip!)
3 rubber bands (essential for the "baby likes to yank the hair out of my head" phase of you baby's life)
3 kids games
some cheese and peanut butter crackers
1 bottle nipple and a 2 oz bottle of premade formula (even though my baby drinks double that)
1 electronic 20 questions game (I LOVE this little thing. Very handy for waiting in the doctor's offices)
1(?????) plastic link (don't ask me what I was expecting a child to do with 1 link)
2 pacifiers (neither of which were in containers so they are both covered in "bottom of your diaper bag" crumbly stuff....kinda makes it pointless to have them)
a PLETHORA of old receipts (mostly from Target...can I get a hoot hoot??)
1 crinkly baby book
2 baggies stuffed full of wipes (Yup, 2. One for changing diapers and one because I am an experienced mom and know that in the course 1 trip to the grocery store you can use wipes approx. 32 times... i.e. wiping shopping cart, wiping little hands after they run their fingers down the side of the dirty car in the parking lot, wiping faces after eating free samples of BBQ chicken, wiping off baby spit up, wiping off my hand after catching the BBQ chicken sample that was being spit get my drift.)
5 diapers (4 in my baby's size and one for my niece when I have her)
1 travel size bottle of lotion
1 small bottle of water...half empty...or shall I say, half full :)
an empty tic tac container *shrugging shoulders*
1 box of crayons (cause you never know when you are going to need to color something!!)
an old grocery list
1 bib (at least it was clean!!)
my wallet
1 old man finger puppet
1 thing of dinosaur flip cards (my 5 year old is wacky over dinos)
2 easy reader books
and last, but certainly not least, a bag of jumbo sized jet-puffed marshmallows (cause ya never know when you're gonna need something to bribe the kids with!!)

You'd think I would have better biceps. Oh well. C'est la vie.


onthegomom said...

I love chapstick. I have around 4 different kinds in my purse and several all over the house. I love love love it. I also am a lotion freak, carry it with me and again all over the house. I live in a cold climate as well, which is what I will blame it on ;)

Love the bag, as well! Very chic!

desirae said...

Cute Bag!! I saw a diaper bag at JC Penny's tonight, that totally had me contemplating giving birth just so I would have a reason to buy it. Your diaper bag contents, remind me of stuff in my purse, (however I am scared to dump mine and see what's really in it, probably hazardous to my health.)

Everyday stuff said...

Wow I think you've got just about everything you can take but the only think I didnt see was a pocket knife! You have no idea how of a life saver my little key chain swiss arm knife!

Leah said...

61 cents and only one eye!!!! OMG, I about spit out my water when I read that. ROFL!

I'm very impressed you fit all that into that bag. Either the bag is bigger than it looks, or you're VERY good at packing. (or both?)

GREAT bag/purse!

HILLARY said...

Vry impressive. Your bag is very good at camoflauge. I wonder if they make a clothes like that.....

Lucille said...

WOW that is a cute bag - I can't believe HOW MUCH stuff you got in there. I would like to hire you to pack for my next trip - LOL!

I like that bag so much I would even consider using it and I have a 6-year old. They sure have come a long way with the styles - I thought I had the uber cute bag back in the day.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It lead me back to yours which I completely enjoy and will be visiting again!

Natalie said...

I need a bag like that! Red is my favorite color! I'm jealous! My current purse is one I got free with a magazine subscription...not so cool.

the dragonfly said...

I was *greatly* amused when I saw you had marshmallows in your diaper bag. Fabulous!!

Heather said...

So, can you find anything in it without taking everything out first? That's always been a problem for me, and I end up with everything in my lap while looking for the one thing I need, which always seems to be the last thing I pull out.