Monday, May 21, 2007

Alaina Rae

Hello to all out there! Things here are good. I went to my doctor this morning. My blood pressure was fine. It was a little higher than the OB wanted it, but she said it wasn't high enough to warrant delivering the baby yet. WHEH! I was really glad. I am really uncomfortable and I would like this baby out, but she just isn't ready yet. I want to keep her in there for another 2 weeks and have her come out nice and big and healthy. I figure I can handle being miserable for another two weeks since this will be the last 2 weeks I will ever have to be 9 months pregnant. The OB is still a little concerned that I am going to go into labor before the c-section, but I really don't think so. She is also predicting a large baby, but they said the same with Evan and he was just under 7 pounds. Granted, he came 3 weeks early, but he was not big by any means. So, Tracy, it should make you happy to hear that the little one is most likely going to stay baking until you get back here. :)
Oh, and for those I haven't told yet... We have decided to name her Alaina Rae. Jason likes that name better and Mikaily started pushing hard for Alaina. So, look out world, here comes little Alaina Rae!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Laughter is the Best Medicine

My sister showed me this clip from YouTube. It is so adorable. The little boy's laugh reminds me of the way Mikaily laughed when she was tiny. She still has a great laugh. Hope it makes you smile.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

I figured I could do 2 posts in one day since it has been so long, so here are some photos from Mikaily's party. Well, actually she had 2 parties. She loves Spongebob, so her party was everything Spongebob. Her Aunt Jill keeps trying to tell her that Spongebob is for boys, but Mikaily doesn't seem to care.

Never Smile at a Crocodile...or an Alligator

Wow, it's been awhile again since I last posted. I guess maybe I haven't had much to write about. All I do is sit around and think about how miserable and pregnant I am, an dI have been trying not to share the details of that with many people lately. I guess I do have a cute story I can tell.
When you move to Florida you find yourself surrounded by some interesting wildlife. Well, some interesting, some just plain scary. So everyone knows that there are alligators in Florida. Really big, really ugly, could really eat your child in one bite, alligators. It was a little amusing to me when we first moved here that I found myself checking under the car each time I got in it to make sure there wasn't one of these creepy looking reptiles under the car waiting to eat me for a snack. So the other day I was at my moms house and went out to the car with Jill and Devyn to tell them goodbye. I went to the opposite side of the car from Jill and leaned in over the carseat, that was in the middle seat, to make faces at Devyn while Jill strapped her in. I had been that way for maybe 30 seconds when, much to my horror, I felt something a little wet on my big toe. I started to react and pull myself out of the car (which took me longer than normal since I have a human being taking up residence in my uterus right now) and before I had my head out of the car I felt something bite down on my big toe. Needless to say I screamed in horror and jumped back as fast as I could. I looked down, expecting to see an 8 foot alligator charging out from under the car towards my legs. Instead, I saw a tiny, 3 inch, black tail swining back and forth. I heard the call of a male's voice and looked up to see my mom's neighbor coming towards me calling for his new puppy. That's right. This terror-inducing animal that 5 seconds early had caused me to let out a blood-curdling scream was the neighbors 3 month old puppy. Jill and I got a good laugh out of it. Hey, never in my life have I claimed to be a brave person. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Evolution of Dance

I know this is old, but I love it!!