Monday, December 31, 2007

Short and Sweet

I haven't been able to get on here for a couple time....must.....go....take...nap.....or else I am gonna be one of those pathetic people that only makes it awake until 11:47pm tonight and then falls asleep. (That has happened to me before.....twice actually. Once I was pregnant though, so I get a pass on that one. The other time...well, I am just a big dork I guess).
Anyways....we had to go van shopping ALL DAY yesterday.....we were, however, successful!! Woo Hoo! We ended up with a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country. I will blog (including pics :)) the whole story later. But, right now I am going to go study the back of my eyelids. Or at least try really hard to...

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Most Adorable Niece in the World!!

I have, in the last couple of years, had many, many people ask me why in the world I would want to have so many children (I still say 4 is a "normal" sized family). "The world is such a horrible place to raise children these days."...."Children are sooo expensive." "Having more than 2 is just way too frustrating for me." Ok, that is fine. That is your prerogative and wanting a whole slew is mine. Well, today I was sitting in my family room, folding some laundry, and heard this LOUD scream come from the toy room. I hopped up and ran (as fast as my chubby little legs could carry me) into the room and found this....... (WARNING: Video contains decent amount of screaming.....adjust your volume accordingly :) )

That is my niece who will be one next week. She absolutely loves her cousin Kyle. Obviously she thinks he is the funniest thing on the planet. He would build up a small tower of blocks, knock it over and scream at the same time and she would laugh so hard she could barely breathe.

So, for all of those who are reading this that have asked me (or anyone else for that matter) WHY I have a herd of small children, that video is the answer.

And just FYI.....Devyn actually laughed harder after I had made the little fact, she laughed so hard she actually spit up a little. It was oddly adorable. :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Shiny, Blue Minivan

I have a van. It's a minivan really. It is big and shiny and blue and we have a love/hate relationship.

I can remember when I would talk about how I would never be the kind of mom to drive a minivan. Those moms were old and frumpy. They were soooo uncool!! That was back when I only had a couple of kiddos and we all fit comfortably into a car. Then, when I was pregnant and about to pop with number 3, I went for a test drive in a cute, blue minivan and I fell in love instantly. I no longer cared about being "hip." I wanted large sliding doors that allowed me to strap my children in without breaking my back and 15 cup holders for all the juice boxes and a HUGE interior to try and hide all of the crackers and cereal that would be thrown and crushed on the floor (seriously, I think we could probably sponsor and feed ten starving children for a year with the amount of food we have crushed on the floor of that van right now....).

However, I got to that point in my life where being "uncool" was just fine and dandy with me. I have grown fond of being unhip. It is feasible. It is definable and it is oh so comfortable.

So, this love hate relationship between my van and me just took a turn for the worse. When I was driving home from the store two days ago the air quit working. I know, this wouldn't really be much of a problem for most of you currently, but it is still hot here during the day and the last thing I need is 4 sweaty, whiny kids in the back of my van stinkin' up the place every time I need to go anywhere.

So, we took our little minivan in to "the car doctor" today and the news is not good, of course. Is there ever good news when you have to take your car in?? (Things I would rather do than have to take my car into the shop: have a root canal, go in for semi-annual gynecology visits, jump naked into a pool of thumbtacks......ok, so that last one is a little bit dramatic...but you get my point.) The van will be expensive to fix. More money than is worth putting into it at this point.

I told one of my friends this and she got all excited and was like "Well, at least now you don't have to drive a minivan around anymore! You should go look at SUVs." I gasped. I couldn't believe it. I will NOT be a traitor!! No, thanks. I will stick with a boring, uncool, "stuck-in-a-family-way" minivan, thank you very much. (I read an article once about how minivans scream "I am stuck in this boring family life and don't know how to escape it." I don't remember exactly what it said.....or where I read it.. or who wrote it. It must have been a really great article. :P)

I have started looking at vans online now....trying to decide which kind we should start to look at. I made sure the blinds were closed tight so my poor, dying, shiny blue van outside couldn't see. I think it would hurt her feelings and she may revolt and spit her oil out all over the driveway or quit blowing out her nice, cold air to help cool us down on a hot....oh wait...she already did that, huh? Anyways.....

So it looks like we have a couple long days of van hunting ahead of us. And yes, it will for sure be a MINIVAN that we buy. I will be driving one of these abominable vehicles around until I die and someone pries the keys out of my cold, dead hand.

DISCLAIMER: In case you didn't sense the sarcasm in this post...I LOVE minivans and I don't think they are uncool or ugly. I think they have come a long way and are actually pretty easy on the eyes these days. Although, maybe that is because my eyesight is not what it used to be.....anyhoo......

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I threw together this montage of pics from Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. We had a great time and we were so glad to have my sisters and my niece here to open presents with us. I would love to write more, but I have to go clean my house (that now looks like a tornado has ripped through it).....or, maybe I'll just go to bed. Yeah, that sounds like a much better plan.

P.S. Kyle picked the song to go with the pics. It is his "favorite Christmas song ever, forever."

Monday, December 24, 2007

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

We have a tradition in our family on Christmas Eve. We all get a new pair of pajamas, we put them on and then drive around and look at Christmas lights.

We were all excited to watch Alaina open hers this year, since this is her very first Christmas. She is (obviously) still way too young to understand the whole concept of a gift....

I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sometimes I Wish I Had a Pause Button

Today was one crazy day. I had to run around and finish up all my last minute Christmas shopping. I didn't really have anything in particular I wanted to get, but I love a great deal and I knew the stores would have lots of 'em today.

For some reason, my brain wasn't working right this morning. I was talking to my husband and came up with the bright idea to take EVERYONE....all 4 children....out shopping with us. Why would I do this? Today of all days! I knew the stores would be crowded. I knew it would be the kind of day where you have to wait in line to even walk down the aisle in the stores. I knew that my boys would knock over displays during their constant fist fights and that I would have to listen to my daughter complain that it was "boring" and about how we had been in the store for "like a thousand million hours." I KNEW it would be horrible. But I found the words coming out of my mouth like word vomit.... "Why don't we get everyone up and ready and spend the day out shopping together?"

As we were walking down one of the aisles of a store I happened to glance over and see a magazine that had Jamie Lynn Spears on the cover. I know you all (at least those of you who don't live under a rock:) ) have heard about this 16 year old child who has recently announced to the entire world that she is 3 months pregnant. It makes my heart hurt. I know that there are many young women in the world who find themselves in the same situation. It would be so hard to be in that situation if you lived a "normal" life. I can't even imagine what the paparazzi are going to do to this poor child. But that is a whole other post.

So anyways...back on track. So, my daughter, who is 7, began to get ancy. She didn't want to be in Kohls anymore. She wanted to go to a toy store. She began to cry. Her cries became louder. I tried to comfort her. She started to throw a fit. Normally, I would then begin the "You are way too old to be throwing a fit in public" lecture, but today I found myself enjoying her fit. Yeah, didn't see that coming, did ya? I grabbed her and hugged her. I bent down and gave her a great big kiss on her forehead.

I have never been so happy to have my little girl act like a LITTLE GIRL. I am so glad she hasn't decided to grow up yet. Time is going by so quickly and I know it won't be long until she is 16 and having to make some difficult decisions and I pray that she will be able to make good decisions. I know that I often find myself saying things like "You are 7 years old and 7 year olds don't act like that" or "don't act like a baby unless you want to be treated like a baby." I forget, probably because she is my oldest, that she is ONLY 7 and it's normal for a 7 year old to act like a child because a 7 year old still is a child.

Sometimes I wish I had a pause button........But since that is out of the question, I think I will try a little harder to really enjoy her childhood....temper tantrums and all.

Here are a few random pics of my beautiful Mikaily...I love will always be my little princess.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Photohunt: LIGHT

My Dad took this picture when my mother and he visited Africa a few years ago. I love it. Obviously, my mother's hand is much lighter in color than the other hand in the photo.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Child, the Superstar!!!

We went and watched Kyle's Christmas play tonight and I have to say, in my completely bias opinion, my child is so adorable. He did such a great job. They were in a HUGE community center and they didn't have any microphones for them (although, they managed to have them for the older children.....). He used his BIG voice just like we had been practicing and there was no mention of standing when peeing!! Woo Hoo!!!
Here he is with a couple of his, I mean classmates. They all looked so cute in their white shirts. Little boys always look so funny in button up shirts with collars when you tuck them into their pants. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe because they look a little "Erkle-like." I dunno. I always say Kyle looks "adorkable" when he is dressed up and looking all handsome with his hair brushed all nice and neat.
They had them all sit up front in the "Reserved" section together. They were supposed to sit in these seats until the end of the program (which was an hour) and then the Pre-K kids were supposed to go up for the finale with all the older children (The kids in the school are grades Pre-K - 7th grade). The teachers had them go sit in their chairs 30 minutes BEFORE the show started. Any guesses as to how long they lasted in the chairs......? Anyone...anyone...?? No, alrighty. Well, they were very first on the program and as soon as they were done the teacher sent Kyle (along with 4 other boys) back to sit with us. They skipped the finale. This was not surprising to me. I was pleasantly surprised when they made it to the start of the sad is that??
Here he is up on stage saying his "Hi! I'm "L," I stand for the Lord Jesus" line. Ummmm, I worked so hard on getting him to use that BIG voice of his I guess I forgot to tell him I also wanted to be able to see his big head. cute is he...?? Even headless he is just so stinkin' cute! The play was great. Ok, well it was good. Alright, it was a kid play. So it was hardly bearable. They did serve an ENTIRE meal afterwards with fish and chicken and beef and salad and rolls and lasagna and TONS of Greek food (most of which I didn't eat because I had NO idea what it was). And there were the most AMAZING cupcakes you have ever tasted....made by yours truly, of course (HEY! What kinda woman would I be if I didn't toot my own horn every once in awhile..heehee). I bet I came out of there at least 5 pounds fatter....and it was totally worth it!!And of course, what kinda night would it be if something didn't get spilled down someones nice, white shirt. This happened to be the juice from a cherry that Kyle bit into and then promptly spit out when he realized it wasn't an "ice cream" cherry. All I have to say is, Thank Heaven for bleach pens. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Gumdrops are M.I.A!!!

Hmmmm, not a whole lot to write about today. I was just skimming through some other blogs. Good gravy people are boring!! Not any of you, of course. :)
Does anyone know where I can get some spiced gumdrops? I ended up having to sign up to bring gumdrops to my son's class party. Now I can't seem to find them anywhere. Dang gumdrops! I don't have anything against gumdrops, they just wouldn't have been my first choice. When I went to drop Kyle off at school I noticed they had the sign up sheet hanging. WooHoo! I love doing these things. Only, when I got up to the sheet I noticed the sign up Nazi had gotten there first!! My eyes skimmed down the list and all I saw was Tori....Tori...Tori....Tori...Tori....Tori...over and over. Why? I don't understand why people do that? Do they not realize that there are 14 kids in the class and 14 things to sign up for...??? Someones mommy didn't teach them how to share!! So anyways...I am in the market for some spiced gumdrops.

I have a new best friend. Last night I went to Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping. It. Was. CROWDED!!! When I got in line there were 7 people in front of me. The women that was standing in the line beside me had a little boy. He was waving at me so I waved back and said "hi." I asked her how old he was. She said he was 17 months. We made small talk, since we had plenty of time....(33 minutes to be precise...that's how long I was in the stinkin' line!) We talked about the weather and Christmas presents and about how much we hated standing in lines. She asked if I had any children and I told her I had 4. Her response (exactly) was "Oh wow! You don't look old enough to have 4 children!" She is my new best friend.

I was looking out the window this morning and noticed a strange car driving VERY slowly around our cul-de-sac. I stood there and watched to see what they were doing. They would drive and pause at the driveway at the end of each house. Hmmmm....What in the world were they doing? They pulled up to the end of my driveway. I could see two men chatting in the front seat. They backed up a little to where my mailbox was and the passenger window rolled down. Ummmm, are they stealing my mail? Be my guest. You're not gonna get anything but bills and maybe a Christmas card or two. The passenger taped a small, rectangular card to my mailbox. I watched as they drove around the court and then up the street....stopping at two other houses and placing the same little white paper on the mailboxes. I waited for them to go out of sight and then went out to see what it was. It was a business card....for a full maintenance lawn service.....specializing in re-mulching and clean-ups. Uhhhhhhh, should I be offended?!?! :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today, I Almost Became a Widow

Today, I almost became a widow. Now, before you go getting all worried and panicked for me, read on.....

Let me give you a little background first. We go to church each week. My husband teaches one of the youth classes there. So, last week he comes to me and tells me that they are going to be leaving 15 minutes early the following week (that would be today) to go somewhere for some "training" (I put that in quotes because usually "training" means sitting on a couch, zoning out for, oh, about 45 minutes, and then eating some cookies) after church this week. He told me he had talked to someone else and he had a ride to the training and back home after, so we wouldn't have to worry about taking two cars or blah blah blah blah....I said it was fine. No big deal.

So, as we are getting dressed and ready for church today my children are being HORRIBLE. In fact, I think horrible is an understatement. They were being whatever is 2 steps up from horrible. They continued on the whole time we were at church. I was happy when it was time for me to send them off to their classes and be able to enjoy some time away from them while someone else dealt with their horribleness. One of the reasons I drag them off to church each week is because I actually get some ALONE time (Oh, and plus they get to learn about God and how to be non-horrible of course).

But anyways...Skip ahead to church ending. I gather up my little horribles (with the help of my wonderful sister, Tracy) and begin herding them towards the exit. *GASP!!!* I don't have keys!! My husband had driven here. I searched my FABULOUS red bag to see if my hubby had dropped the keys in without my knowledge. Nope, no such luck. He was gone. Off to "training" with the keys to my freaking van in his freaking pocket!! I need to call him! No, that won't work...he doesn't bring his phone to church. I didn't know where he was. He never told me. I didn't know exactly when he would be home. HE NEVER TOLD ME! All I knew is that I was standing in the hallway with a hungry baby and three screaming banshees that claimed to be my children with no freaking keys!

Luckily I have one of the most amazing sisters in the world and she drove out to my house, got the extra set of keys, and then drove out to the church to bring them to me (I say one of the most amazing and not THE most amazing because my other sister, Tracy, is as equally amazing because she volunteered to stay and wait with me to help me tame my wild beasts).

We ended up having to wait for an hour. It's a good thing I am no rookie mom and had a few things in my bag to keep them occupied for at least a chunk of that time. (See!!! Sometimes it comes in handy to carry a bag of marshmallows with you everywhere you go! If you don't understand that...just click HERE and it will all make sense)

I spent a good chunk of that hour coming up with ways to repay my husband for his "mishap." Hence, "Today, I almost became a widow." We actually ended up pulling up into the driveway the same time he was being dropped off. He was oblivious. He had no idea he had left us stranded. He was genuinely apologetic. DANG IT! Why's he gotta be so darn cute?? I gave him a short, but firm, guilt trip.......and then I made dinner. *big sigh*

Friday, December 14, 2007

Photohunt: Small

When I saw the theme for the week I new right away what I wanted to post photos of. (Sorry they aren't the best quality...they were taken 7 years ago with a crappy camera and scanned in) When my first daughter was born she came 2 months early. Yup, she was a trouble maker from the very beginning. She was VERY small. She weighed a whopping 3lbs. 3oz. Her arm was no bigger around than my middle finger and her feet were just a tad longer than my husband's big toe.
You could hold her in your arms forever and your arms never got tired.

She was the smallest baby I had ever seen. I remember the first time I held her. Everyone talks about how they are afraid they are going to "break the baby," and I remember thinking it was a real possibility when I held this little featherweight in my arms.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Hi! I'm Evan...."

Kyle has a cute little speaking part in his pre-school's Christmas program coming up next week. We have been practicing a lot at home. He was assigned 2 letters of the alphabet and had to come up with something that started with that letter that pertained to Christmas. Today, as I was making dinner, I heard Kyle, Mikaily and Evan in the toy room....

Kyle: "Hi! I'm "K." I stand for the Kings. My name is "L." I stand for the Lord Jesus."

Mikaily: "Hi! I'm "K." I stand for kangaroo. Hi! I'm "L." I stand for the Lord Jesus."

Evan: "Hi! I'm Evan! I stand when I pee."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Why is it that every time I go into my kitchen there is a cabinet door standing wide open? For some odd reason, my husband can't manage to close the cabinet doors.....or the dishwasher or the drawers. Really. Is it so hard to raise your arm and *flip* your wrist? I am pretty sure the door does the rest of the work. I believe it takes, oh, I'd say about half a second. I tend to be a pretty cool, up to date gal (OK, the fact that I just called myself a "gal" may say otherwise, huh?). Did I miss the memo? Will the dishes automatically fly into the proper place if I leave the dishwasher standing open? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, "That would be a negative!"

When I became a homemaker there were many things that I knew were in the job description. Sleepless nights, thousands of poopy diapers, endless laundry, chaotic mornings and hectic afternoons. I knew I would be cleaning piles of dirty dishes and catching puke in buckets (and, on a few lucky occasions, in my hands!!), patching up scraped knees and elbows, cleaning windows and sweeping floors. I was ok with this. I still am, at least most days, ok with this....because it was in my job description.

However, closing doors and drawers after a grown man....... THIS IS NOT IN MY JOB DESCRIPTION!! It was not and still is not.

*sigh* At least I know this guys gets it. I have a feeling this wasn't in his job description either....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Move Over, Martha Stewart...

A few of you inquired as to how the headband making was going. Well, here it is. In all it's headband glory. Move over, Martha Stewart, there's a new super woman in town! Ok, well maybe it's not perfect, but it is finished and I didn't even throw anything across the room in the process!! Woo Hoo!

The color ended up matching prettymuch perfectly. Am I good, or what?? I think it took me longer to pick the stinkin' ribbon than to actually sew the headband.

In fact, it went so well I might even try to make another one. :) Probably....Maybe....we'll see.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pretty Ribbon and Tiny Celebs

I went over to Joann ETC today. I am trying to make a couple of little headbands for my baby. Notice I used the word TRYING. I cannot sew. I know, picking out some ribbon and attaching a small piece of elastic isn't exactly what most people would call sewing, but to me, it's all the same. And I suck at it all!!

So, I had to run over and pick out some pretty ribbon. I am trying to make a headband to match her cute little green Christmas dress. I was standing there in the ribbon aisle, checking out all the green ribbon they had. There was light green, dark green, shiny green, silky green, striped green, green with polka dots, green lace. Good gravy! Who'd a thought picking out some ribbon would be so exhausting?!

I had decided to bring Alaina with me so I could hold the ribbon up to her head and see how it would look against the color of her hair, but had I thought to actually bring the dress (or at least the bloomers) with me to match the colors and make sure the ribbon would match the DRESS and not just the baby....? Neh, I'm not that smart.

So as I am standing there, holding about 17 different kinds of ribbon, I felt someone standing behind me, peering over my shoulder.

"Awww, what an adorable baby. She has the most beautiful eyes. How old is she?"

I began to answer, "She is 6 months," as I turned around to see who the stranger was complimenting my child. I looked at her face. She looked very familiar to me. She was short. She was petite....VERY petite. She had really blond hair, pulled back into a tight ponytail. Did she go to my church? Had I seen her at my child's school? I had been at Target a lot lately, maybe she worked there...That could be. Then, all of a sudden, it hit me!! Lizzie Spalding!! It was Crystal Hunt, the girl who plays Lizzie Spalding on Guiding Light (a daytime Soap)and she was in Sydney White (a movie that recently came out).

I had to keep myself from gasping and saying "Oh my gosh! You are Lizzie!! You have done some really bad things in your life, little missy!!" I played it cool. She stood there and we talked for a while. I never let on that I knew who she was. In retrospect, I wish I had. It was obvious no one else there had recognized her and although I am sure celebs don't like it when people mob them, I am sure it is nice to be recognized and know that people are watching their work.

I should have asked her for an autograph. It would have been great to have kept it for Alaina and told her the story of when the actress stopped me in the store to tell me how cute she was. Why is it that sometimes our brains just quit working completely?? I am generally a pretty intelligent woman. I blame it on trying to shop for sewing items. I was using way too much of my brain power trying not to go crazy picking out the ribbon that by the time Lizzie came along I had nothing left.

Plus, I found myself, yet AGAIN, wondering why I hadn't put my camera in my bag! UGH! I had had it in there for the last week and yesterday took it out to snap some photos of my children. Maybe I need to just buy myself a second camera to keep in my bag. *double sigh* Oh well.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Photohunt: LONG

I went to Disney a few years back and they have a small petting farm you can find (free of charge) if you know where to go. We saw this peacock there that had some seriously LONG tail feathers. He was beautiful.

Here he was showing off for the ladies.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

That Figures...

Evan went in for his sleep study last night. He has sleep apnea. My wonderful husband volunteered to take him. OK, so I am using the word "volunteered" loosely. I had to do a decent amount of begging and a small amount of crying to convince him, but nevertheless he did it. He called me at one point to tell me that Evan had been perfect and that he was about ready to fall asleep. I was relieved that things had gone well, but found myself a little annoyed.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am glad that he did so well. But why is it that I take him to the dentist to get a simple teeth cleaning and he acts like Armageddon has begun, and his dad takes him to the hospital where they do this to him....

and he is "perfect." Seriously? I mean, come on. Are you kidding me?? Jason said they had to scrub the little spots on his head and stick all this gunk and tape all over him and NOT ONE TEAR??? I know. I am a horrible person for saying these things. But...I have been dragging kids to doctors and therapists and dentists and trying to stay calm while they throw conniptions and I convince Jason to do it this one time and nothing?!?! That figures. *sigh* I will never be able to play the sympathy card now.

So anyways....Evan did great and we just have to sit around and wait for the results now. I seem to have passed down a rather annoying gene to my baby boy. If you look at the picture close enough you can see where he is having an allergic reaction to the tape they used all over him. He's all red and puffy and his skin is all dried out.

It is getting better now. They told us it should go away in a day or two. If it doesn't, I am making Jason take him to the pediatrician!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dentist Visits and Dino Tales

My children normally don't mind going to the dentist. For some reason, last week when I took my oldest 3, they all decided they didn't want to be there and all simultaneously (just to make life fun for me!!) threw fits in the middle of the dentist's office.

I intentionally take them to a pediatric dentist for just this reason. So, why is it when I was prying my 3 year old's fingers off of the chair leg, they looked at me like I was crazy...?? You can't convince me my child is the first to ever throw a fit in your office. YES! This is what a child looks like when they are misbehaving! Take a picture. It'll last longer. They just stood there like morons whispering to each other. I wanted to take the little sprayer thingy and spray them in their smug faces with it. But I didn't.

So anyways...I told my 7 year old she had no choice and was getting in the stupid chair. She climbed in and cried the whole time. Boo Hoo. I'm the meanest mom in the world. You'll thank me someday when you still have all your teeth!! The boys refused, so we rescheduled. Mikaily got to spend the night at Aunt Tracy's house since she had let the dentist look at her. The boys did not. So, when the boys went back for their make-up appointments, they were perfect angels.

Kyle got to go spend the night at Aunt Tracy's this past weekend. They always have tons of fun. They get to eat yummy food and watch lots of movies and she plays all kids of cool games with them. She is nice. Not like Mommy.

Kyle wanted to take his dinosaur movies over. He loves to watch this show on the Discovery channel called Prehistoric Park. Tracy bought him the DVD for his birthday and he wanted to take it with him. She told me a cute little discussion that she had had with him while they were watching. It went something like this....

Kyle: "Ohhh, we should be careful. This next part is terrifying!"
Tracy: "Terrifying...? That's a funny word for you. I've never heard you say that before." She chuckled a little.
Kyle: "Yeah, well, just keep watching. You'll see. It's terrifying."
So, Tracy kept watching. The scene that was on was a T-Rex (or 2 or more...?) chasing down and eating a smaller dinosaur (Don't worry, none of this show is graphic. No blood, no guts, nothing like that).
Tracy: "Is this the part that you think is terrifying?" She asked because, although it didn't seem intense or frightening to her, she thought maybe a young child's imagination would make it an intense scene.
Kyle: "Yeah, can't you see? That T-Rex is tearing the other dinosaur apart. They are tearing it. So it's "tear"ifying."

Sunday, December 2, 2007


My sisters and I decided to drive over to Orlando yesterday to experience firsthand the bliss they call IKEA. None of us had ever been before and what an adventure it was! For those of you who don't know much about the store, here is a little background. IKEA began in a small farming village in Sweden 6 decades ago and has now taken up residency in 34 countries. This particular store we went to is more than 309,000 sq. ft. and has anything and everything you could ever need, want, or dream of having for your home....and then some.

There is a playroom where you can drop your children off while you shop. I peaked in the window to see what it was like and I have to tell you, I wanted to go jump in and play!

Oh, and if you work up an appetite while doing all your shopping, no problem! Just stop by the restaurant right inside the store and grab a refreshing drink and a bite to eat!
We were IKEA rookies, so we had gone out to lunch beforehand. But, I hear the Swedish meatballs are amazing! They also have a Swede Shop where you can buy all sorts of yummy Swedish goodies.

One of my favorite things about the children's section of the store was that there weren't really any shelves. Most things were hanging from the ceiling in colorful displays. It was kind of like shopping with a kid in a candy store. We walked into the children's area and immediately the "OOhhhh, look at that!!" and the "Oh my gosh! That is so cute! Go over there!" started.

The thing I found most amusing about the store was something I came across in the bathroom. Hehe...did I get your attention with that one?? IKEA is all about being environmental friendly. So, when you go in to use the restroom there is a little sign on the back of the toilet that says "Toilets are specially designed to save water. Please push handle up for liquid waste (less water) and down for solid waste (more water)." I laughed. The funniest part was that then, I couldn't help but listen to the flushing toilets and had to refrain from looking at the lady that came out of the stall that had obviously (from the sound of things)pushed the handle down and saying "I know what you did in there!!" I figured she wouldn't see the humor in it though. So, as usual, I just chuckled at myself and went on shopping.

It was fun and we got lots of great stuff. After we were done shopping we decided to go over to Disney and play their miniature golf course. I will be blogging about that in the next day or two. But I will tell you I don't think any of us have a pro (or even amateur) golf career in our future.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Photohunt: RED