Friday, May 30, 2008

The Little Punker!!

Well, I had this massively long post that I had all ready to go, with like a million pictures from our weekend in Orlando. I was making one last change and switching around a chunk of it (as in half of the post) and I copied it....then I cut it.....and at that exact moment Blogger, of course, autosaved the changes. Then, my little PUNKER of a daughter who has decided that there is nothing better than pushing buttons hit the power button and turned off my computer BEFORE I pasted the chunk back in. Which means, I lost the entire first half of the post. Ugh! She is such a little punker!! So, I will get the first half written and up asap!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I saw this on another blog. I didn't officially get tagged, but I am doing it anyways. The whole point is to answer the questions using pictures from GOOGLE images. It was lots of fun.

Age on my next Birthday:

Place I want to visit:

My Favorite thing:

Favorite Place:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Color:

Town I Live In:

Name of a Past/Present Pet:

Nickname I've had:

College Major:

First Job:

Goal for the next Year:

Ok, so I am going to tag a few girlies just because I can....

Monday, May 19, 2008


I got tagged (via e-mail) for one of those purse memes where you show everyone what you drag around in your purse with you everyday. I wrote on my blog last November about my amazingly wonderful diaper bag, so I figured I would just repost it and count it as the meme. It probably is very similar to what is in the bag today,anyways. I am not going to officially tag anyone for this meme, if you haven't already done it and you want to, then TAG! You're it!

This is my diaper bag....

Isn't it pretty? I LOVE this bag. I want to marry this bag (That is if I wasn't already married to a wonderful man. Love you sweetie!!) It is red. It is shiny. It is youthful. It is eye-catching. It is, in a word, FABULOUS!!! It is everything I want to be. Ok, well I don't want to be red. That would probably mean I had a really bad sunburn. Been there, done that. Not going back, thank you very much. Well, and I guess I don't want to be shiny either. In fact, I pay good money for cleansers to keep me from being shiny. But you get my point. I hope.

So, this amazing bag of mine is impressive in more ways than one. It still looks marvelous from the outside after being carted around everywhere I go and it is big enough that it can hold all the crap that I needlessly cart around with me. See....

The contents of my bag consists of:
4 pens (1 that didn't work)
1 UNSHARPENED pencil (maybe I could poke someones eye out if they tried to mug me..??)
3 stickers (2 were transformers and one was veggie tales)
2 things of lip gloss
1 tube of chap stick...cherry flavored, of course.
1 coconut lip butter (from The Body lip stuff EVER!! Only problem is it tastes so good I usually just lick it off as soon as I put it on!!)
1 watch (That never gets worn because it just becomes a toy for my baby and then my wrist ends up covered in baby slobber)
1 rattle (Sassy rocks!)
1 small, toy dog
61 cents (see, mugging me would be a mistake. You would end up with 61 cents and only one eye)
1 hair clip (the big claw kind. I am not sure why I have this. I don't even use this kind of hair clip!)
3 rubber bands (essential for the "baby likes to yank the hair out of your head" phase of you baby's life)
3 kids games
some cheese and peanut butter crackers
1 bottle nipple and a 2 oz bottle of premade formula (even though my baby drinks double that)
1 electronic 20 questions game (I LOVE this little thing. Very handy for waiting in the doctor's offices)
1(?????) plastic link (don't ask me what I was expecting a child to do with 1 link)
2 pacifiers (neither of which were in containers so they are both covered in "bottom of your diaper bag" crumbly stuff....kinda makes it pointless to have them)
a PLETHORA of old receipts (mostly from Target...can I get a hoot hoot??)
1 crinkly baby book
2 baggies stuffed full of wipes (Yup, 2. One for changing diapers and one because I am an experienced mom and know that in the course of 1 trip to the grocery store you can use wipes approx. 32 times... i.e. wiping shopping cart, wiping little hands after they run their fingers down the side of the dirty car in the parking lot, wiping off baby spit up, wiping faces after eating free samples of BBQ chicken, wiping off my hand after catching the BBQ chicken sample that was being spit get my drift.)
5 diapers (4 in my baby's size and one for my niece when I have her)
1 travel size bottle of lotion
1 small bottle of water...half empty...or shall I say, half full :)
an empty tic tac container *shrugging shoulders*
1 box of crayons (cause you never know when you are going to need to color something!!)
an old grocery list
1 bib (at least it was clean!!)
my wallet
1 old man finger puppet
1 thing of dinosaur flip cards (my 5 year old is wacky over dinos)
2 easy reader books
and last, but certainly not least, a bag of jumbo sized jet-puffed marshmallows (cause ya never know when you're gonna need something to bribe the kids with!!)

After carting all of this crap around, you'd think I would have better biceps. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Unidentified Flying Chickens

We have had some serious trouble with bedtime lately... My daughter has this friend at school. We'll call her "Crazy Claire." Why crazy, do you ask? Well, first of all, Mikaily came home from school today talking about how Claire had seen a meteorite. But, it wasn't really a meteorite, it was just LIKE a meteorite. So, she saw it fall and hit the ground and she ran over and looked at it. It was an octopus but not really an octopus it was just LIKE an octopus. And inside the octopus there were little Pokemons running around............end of story.

Hence the name, "Crazy Claire."

Also, a couple of months ago Mikaily came home in a panic, talking about this story that her friend Claire had told her.

Claire was sleeping at a friend's house. She woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark. She heard a noise. A noise that she did not recognize. When she rolled over and looked up at the ceiling, she saw two, BIG, glowing, red eyes staring down at her. Are you freaked out yet??? Because this scared the CRAP out of my little girl.

She explained to Mikaily that it HAD to be a ghost. There was nothing else it could have been. Mikaily, of course, was then totally freaked out at night. She didn't want to go to bed. She would cry and say that when she closed her eyes, she would see the scary eyes. DARN THAT CLAIRE!!!!! She told Mikaily that she had seen the eyes two other times in her own house, and she was 100% sure it was ghosts that were coming to get her....or aliens. It could have been aliens, too. Because aliens can have red eyes. (CRAZY, I tell you, CRAZY!! Ok, so maybe saying crazy is a tad bit harsh. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and say she just has a wildly crazy imagination.)

Well, tonight we all went out to dinner. Mikaily was eating her food and stopped and looked up at me.

Kaily: "Did I tell you that Claire told me she doesn't see ghosts?"
Me: "Hmmm, no, you didn't tell me that. Was she just dreaming?" (Like I had suggested previously)
Kaily: "No. She said she woke up and got a good look at what was in her bedroom and it wasn't a ghost at all."
Me: "What was it? Her cat?" (Like I had suggested previously)
Kaily: "No. She says it is flying chickens. They are fried, too. It was just flying, fried chicken. So I don't need to be scared anymore."
Me: "That's great, I guess." I said laughing hysterically. "If you wake up in middle of the night and find flying, fried chickens with big, red eyes in your room, can you wake me up? That way I can stick some in the fridge and I will have dinner all ready for tomorrow night...."


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did You Miss Me???

Wow! I have been a really bad blogger friend. I seem to be having a hard time finding time to not only write on my own, but to actually read others. I have been having a pretty bad day though, so I decided to sit down and write a little and then
browse through some blogs and see if I can find one that will make me laugh.

Today started out crappy. I guess I messed up my alarm somehow last night when I went to bed and I woke up 14 minutes before Mikaily had to be on the bus. I must say, I very much impressed myself when I actually got her up, dressed, somewhat fed and on the bus! I know!! I am sooo GOOOOOOOOD! I say "somewhat fed" because she only ate 2/3 of a frozen waffle that had been microwaved (which is how she likes it because she likes hers to be soggy. I think that may be even more disgusting than the way Evan likes his, which is straight out of the freezer. When he says he wants a frozen waffle, he means a FROZEN waffle.) I wasn't too worried, since it was an early release day I knew she would be home by lunch time.

When I sprung up and out of bed when I saw what time it was, I ran directly into the kitchen to finish packing Kaily's lunch. I didn't go pee first, which is what I normally do because otherwise I know that by the time it hits me that I have to pee, I will be doing the pee pee dance trying to get my pants pulled down. So, guess what? I ended up doing the pee pee dance while I was tyring to get my pants pulled down. I didn't take the time to even flip the light on when I ran into the bathroom. I had gone into the kids bathroom because that one is closer to the kitchen. Dumb move. I ran in, flung my pants down and plopped myself down on the toilet and.....SPLASH!!!! DANG EVAN!!! He has decided that he is a big boy and he pees standing up, but he still hasn't quite figured out that he is supposed to put the toilet seat DOWN when he is done. I haven't cleaned that toilet in more than a week. That'll teach me.

At least I got Mikaily onto the bus.

I decided that I wanted to bake something. When I am feeling icky baking always seems to help me feel better. So, I headed off to the store this morning because I didn't have any vanilla (Evan got ahold of the bottle the last time I was letting him help me and he "forgot" he had it in his hand and somehow managed to fling the entire contents of the bottle across the kitchen). Which reminds me. I don't think I blogged about Evan and his little imaginary friend. He has an imaginary friend named Alyssa. She came along about the time Kyle started school and Evan was home for a few hours without him. Apparently, Alyssa had a birthday and being the most amazing mom that I am, I made her an impromptu birthday cake.

It made Evan so happy. He wanted to hold the cake for a picture.

Unfortunately when you have one adult taking a picture and the other one making sure the 3 year old doesn't drop the cake, you don't keep a close enough eye on the baby (who hasn't had nay sugar yet since it is the house rule that babies don't get any sort of cake or cookies or sweets until their first birthday) and she sneaks up from behind..... (see the top, left corner of the cake in the first picture?)

So much for that rule.

Oh, and speaking of my cutie baby. I can't believe she is going to be one in a few weeks!!! She has started taking steps on her own.

She is still pretty wobbly. I don't know if I would really consider her walking yet, but she can take a couple of steps and then catch her balance and then take a few more. So, I guess that probably counts??

Another little trick she has picked up on recently is signing. I sign to all of my children. I think it helps to reduce fit throwing and all of that, but mostly I do it because it makes me looks like a great mom. :) Here she is signing "more."

Ok, so back to the strip to the grocery store now....

Florida needs rain.....badly. There are fires burning all over the place. Thankfully none of them are close to us yet. So as I was driving out of my neighborhood, there was a little old man.....sitting in a lawn chair....with a garden hose in his hand.....spraying his lawn. He was just sitting there in this chair on his driveway spraying his lawn. I wonder how long he had been there for. Now that is devotion.....or craziness. Take your pick. I guess I shouldn't really be talking about the weird things people are doing to help save their lawns considering the fact that mine looks like this....

Granted, most of that big, dead spot is in my neighbors yard, but it seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day. We aren't sure exactly what is causing it. My theory is that that is where the neighbors' rats dogs pee everyday. All I know is that lawn is sooo far down on my 'to do' list..... I wonder if that little old man is for hire.

So I ended up going to Target today, too. I LOVE Target. I wish I could marry target. I ended up getting a whole new summer wardrobe for Alaina. Which she needed because she is growing like a weed.

I am one of those people that ends up putting like a gazillion things in my cart and then I kinda look through them as I wander around and then decide I don't like this or that so much anymore, so I just fling it on whatever shelf I am standing next to. I figure it is someone's job to walk around the store and pick up all those things so, really, it's like I am putting food on someone's plate when I do that, right??

This has turned out to be a totally and completely random post here. Ummmmmmm, yeah. Oh well. I guess I will go read a few blogs and then I have a dirty toilet that is calling my name.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mikaily!!

We are back from our weekend at Disney. We had so much fun!! Disney is definitely the most expensive magical place on earth!

We got there shortly before Epcot opened. We ran over to guest services to find out when the Princesses would be making their appearances and to get Mikaily her birthday button. We ended up being the first ones on the Nemo and friends ride. This ride is slow moving. You climb into this clam shell car and you move along a track....slower than the speed your Grandma can walk. Then Nemo and his friends are on these screens and they talk to each other and yada yada yada......pretty mellow, right? Well, at one point it got dark and this is what Kaily looked like......

My poor little wussy girl. She wasn't so much into riding rides. She just wanted to see princess.....

After Princess......

After Princess......

And....can you guess it......??? MORE Princess....

(Do you think that the princesses come out of the womb with their left toe slightly pointed, holding their umbilical cord slightly out and up with their left hand??)

Princess fever started to rub off on me, though. By the time we were to Belle, I had this big, goofy grin on my face and found myself fighting the urge to run up and hug her and tell her how pretty her yellow dress was. I figured it would make me look a little pervy though, so I didn't.

There is this one spot (The Coca-Cola store) where you can try different sodas that people drink all over the world.

(That's a Birthday kiss from Snow White on her cheek, just FYI)
There was this one from Italy that was N-A-S-T-Y!! It was super bitter. So, naturally, I called Mikaily over and was like "Ohhh, you should try this one!" She did....she spit it out. I laughed. Then, she turned around and was like "Tracy (that's my sister that went with us) you should try this one!!" and she tried to doop Tracy into to trying it. Ha! I was so proud. Tracy had tried it before, so she didn't fall for it. But, it was a GREAT try.

For those who don't know, they are doing something called the "Year of a million dreams" at Disney right now. They do things like give random people Mickey Mouse dolls all the way up to giving away a night at the suite in Cinderellas castle that was made for Walt Disney himself. So, at one point, the year of a million dreams guy came up to us while we were in the "It's a Small World" line and asked us if we were having fun. We all said "Yes." Then he says "Ok, well, come on!" He takes us out of line. He walks us into this building (At which point my sister leans forward to me and says "Is he taking us to the front of the line, or is he going to kill us??") He ended up taking us up to the little booth where the person sits that makes the boats go once everyone is seated and ready. They announced to everyone that Mikaily was there to help out. She got to stand up there and wave to all of the people in the boats as they went under the booth.

She LOVED it!

We ended up being there ALL day. We rode one of the boats and the Captain had everyone sing to Mikaily. We got to see two parades, ride lots of rides, eat some yummy treats and Goofy even called twice to wish/sing her Happy Birthday!

I threw together a slide show for those of you who want to look at more pictures. We had TONS of fun, but now I think I need a vacation!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dirty Old Man

So, people in the South are weird. This is something that you can't fully understand unless you have lived somewhere else and then moved to the South. It's not something that can be explained either. And, old people can be somewhat strange as well. Although, usually they tend to be strange in a cute kinda way. So, when you are down south and you live in a state that is full of Southern elderly men, you can have some weird interactions. Case in point: My last trip to the grocery store.

I had to run in to just grab a couple of items, so I decided I could brave it with all four of my littles and my niece as well. I tend to avoid doing this, just because we get stopped so many times by onlookers, wanting to know if they are ALL mine, that it tends to take twice as long as it should. I was pushing my double stroller with the two babies in it and was herding my older three alongside of me down one of the frozen food aisles. There was a elderly gentleman walking towards us. He was wearing thick glasses. His hair was that weird yellow gray color and he was wearing a red and yellow and white striped shirt with tan shorts pulled up to his boobs. He began pushing his cart across the aisle, directly towards me and saying in his scratchy old man voice"

"Stop stop stop stop STOP! What are sextuplets or something?"

To which I replied very cheerfully, "Well, no. Sextuplets would be six and there are only five here and they are all different ages." (I realized I may have come off as being a tad bit rude...but that was not my intention). I pointed to Laney in the stroller and then my other three and said "These four are mine and this one (pointing to my niece) is my niece." I figured I would save him the trouble of asking that question.

He then said something to me that left me speechless.....

He tilted his head down slightly and looked up at me over the rim of his thick, dirty glasses and said "What are you? Some kind of sex fiend??"

I stood there for a fraction of a second and then said "Ok, well, have a nice day. Let's go kids!!" And I herded them all around his cart as he was mumbling something under his breath.

Trust me buddy. I have four small children...I don't have time for sex. I am no sex fiend...just ask my husband.

Ok, so I am now off to Disney for the weekend. My oldest is turning 8 on Sunday!!! I will be gone for a few days. Awww, it's ok. Don't cry. I promise I will post lots of pics when we get back.