Friday, November 16, 2007

A Close Second

Yesterday my sister didn't go to work. She came over to spend the day with us and brought my niece with her. We decided to go pick up Kyle from school and then we had a few errands to run and then we decided to go out to lunch.

So, we all piled into the van and drove over to Kyle's school. We decided she could just wait in the car with all the little ones and I would run in. Obviously it would be MUCH faster that way. When I got back out to the car. She was laughing to herself. I asked her what she was giggling about and she told me a story of the conversation she had just had with my 3 year old while I was inside. It went something like this.

Jill: Hey, now that Mommy is gone I can move into her seat and we will just leave her and Kyle here. Ok?
Evan: NO! We can't leave them here! (getting upset)
Jill: Why not? It isn't too far. They can just walk home.
Evan: (getting even more upset) NO!!!! We can't leave. You can't drive Mommy's car. She will be mad.
Jill: No, she won't be mad.
Evan: Yes! Yes she will be mad if you take her car unless it is broke.
Jill: Ok, well I was thinking I could get into her seat and we could go and get some ice cream.
Evan: (short pause) OK!! Let's go get some ice cream!!

Tossed aside for some ice cream. Oh well, at least I came in a close second.


Family Adventure said...

That's hilarious. I love the way she persuaded Evan, not to mention how confident she was that she could drive the car!


Kellan said...

So funny! They simply have no clue at that age about loyalty - do they? Too cute. Have a good weekend. See ya.

the dragonfly said...

Don't you know that ice cream *always* wins?? ;)

onthegomom said...

Very funny and ohhh so cute! I am not surprised though, Ice Cream usually wins on pretty much everything. My daughter would probably do just about anything for a McFlurry from McDonalds, EVERYDAY! She loves them.

Leah said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! That's so cute!

Nicki said...

That is so funny!! I stopped by here from kellan's blog, I read your profile and I was like OH GOOD another young momma!! =) Nice to "meet" you!