Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa

Jason's Mom and Dad came to visit and meet Alaina this past week. We had a good visit. We went to the beach and the Florida Aquarium and they enjoyed going to the sponge docks and shopping in the little stores there. We took this picture out back behind our apartment by the little lake. While we were out there this family of a little mama duck and her four little babies swam by. We were watching them and how cute they were and all of a sudden we heard a loud swishing sound and saw a big splash. There had been an alligator sitting on the bank that none of us, including the family of ducks, had noticed. Luckily my littles were occupied with splashing in the puddles from the rainstorm that had come through earlier in the day and didn't realize what was going on. We aren't really sure if the alligator got one of the ducks or not. We could hear the mama duck calling right after the attack, but I am hopeful she might have been squaking at her little ones to high tail it outta there. I am gonna go with that theory because the other option is just really sad. So all in all the grandparents had a fun, and eventful, vacation and we are sad they have to go home. Hopefully they will be able to come back and visit again next year.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

1 Month Old

Alaina got to go to church for the first time this past Sunday. She did really well....slept through the whole thing. I was somewhat envious.
We took her to the doctor for her 1 month check up and she is healthy and chubby. She is now in the 90th percentiles for her height and her weight. I guess that is what happens when a baby doesn't have reflux, huh?
I promise that I will start blogging about things other than the baby in the near future. She is my life right now, so there is really not much else for me to talk about. I had gotten used to being able to go anywhere anytime and that is something that is not possible to do when you have a nursing baby. Our entire day has to be planned around feedings. I am trying to savor every moment though, because I know she is my last. I sometimes wish I had a pause button or better yet a slow motion button so I can slow things down and she wouldn't grow up so fast. I know lots of people say they don't like the "lump of baby" stage, but I absolutely love it. I love their smell and I love how soft they are. I love when they put their little faces up against your neck while you are holding them and they just feel so snuggly and warm. I absolutely love little babies.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer Fun

We have been trying to stay cool here in the heat this summer. The older kids have been doing alot of swimming and Alaina just likes to hang out in her diaper. We love having her in our family. She is a perfect fit.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Adjusting to Life

Hello all! So the last few weeks have been pretty crazy. At first I was like "Wow! This whole mother of 4 thing isn't so bad. I can totally do this!" Then, after about 2 weeks, the sleep deprivation set in. I ended up sick and not recovering nearly as quickly as I would like and it did not take my boys long to figure out that they can prettymuch get into anything they want when I sit down to feed Alaina and not get into trouble until I am done feeding her 40 minutes later.
I have been so worried about whether or not Alaina is getting enough to eat...a fear that all new moms share. We weighed her yesterday and were shocked to learn that, at barely 3 weeks old, she is already close to 9 and a half pounds. I guess I need not worry so much anymore. It is hard after having a baby that was special needs because, since that was my first expierience as a mom, I then expect something else to be wrong with all my others. They are too little and not thriving, too sleepy, cry too much or not enough, they are too relaxed so they must have muscle problems, roll their eyes back so they must be having seizures. I am constantly having to remind myself that everything is fine with Alaina. My boys even ended up medicated for severe reflux, so the fact that everything is going great with this one is so foreign to me. She is an amazing little baby.
Evan has learned to swim, all on his own, finally. He is still figuring out the breathing thing, but I think he will have that down soon. It is terrifying to watch your two year old trying to learn how to swim. After all, the only way to know if he can or can't is to throw him in and see if he sinks or floats. It is a must here in Florida though. There are lots of things that I am still trying to get used to here in Florida, but I have to say I absolutely love being able to have my littles swimming every day prettymuch the whole year. Oh, and I love having Tracy here. (I am glad you got to move here Tracy) Hopefully we will get to start doing fun stuff again in the near future, once I am fully recovered.