Saturday, January 19, 2008

These Are a Few of My NOT Favorite Things

My friend, Jude, recently blogged about children's TV characters that she found annoying. I had a good laugh when reading hers and decided to steal her idea and write a little about a few that are my NOT favorites as well.

1) Jetta from Clifford, the Big Red Dog. She seems sweet enough. However, she opens her mouth....and she lies. She brags. Then she cheats....EVERY FREAKIN' EPISODE she's on. She acts horrible, has some sort of defining moment (or simply gets caught red handed) and then regrets whatever it was she did. BUT, inevitably, by the following episode she is back to her lying, cheating ways. Bragging about how wonderful she is. I don't think she ever REALLY learns her lesson.

2) Remember when we were kids and Sesame Street was good? It might as well be called Elmo's World now. Once that little punker got one little, hairy toe in the door, he spread like a nasty virus!

3) Zoe, also from Elmo's World...errrr, I mean Sesame Street. That furry little monster never wants to share anything. And what's up with the rock?? The rock that everyone has to pretend is alive...? If you ask me, I think she is having some sort of a psychotic break.

4) The Man in the Yellow Hat on Curious George. Can you say SPCA?? He is a totally negligent pet owner.

5) And yet another Sesame Street Character.....Ernie. I can't blame Bert for being in a grumpy mood all the time. I sympathize with him. Ernie constantly keeps him awake at night!! I KNOW how it feels to be completely sleep deprived and if I were Bert, I would have kicked Ernie's obnoxious, orange butt to the curb LONG ago.

6) Then there is Caillou. He is a B.R.A.T. He is whiny and self-absorbed and is such a meany to his little sister!! Although, I have to say that I don't think we should place all the blame on Caillou. After all, it is his parents that are the enablers, right?? Not once have I seen them put that child in time out!

7) TeleTubbies. Does anyone else hear obscenities when they watch this show?? I swear, once I heard them say "Ohhhh, no no. You naughty noo noo. Mo noogie." Seriously?!? I bet that's some dirty inside joke between one of the writers and his dominatrix mistress.

8) And what's up with Diego? I actually don't mind watching this show, but I hope that his parents have some decent health/life insurance on that kid. Why? Come on, Baby Jaguar is cute and fuzzy now, but we all know that Jaguars just don't make good pets!

9) Yo Gabba Gabba. Umm, just look at the picture. Really. Need I say more??

(When I read the blog on Jude's page, she mentioned something about Clifford and about how he is as big as a house, which means his poop would have to be huge. They live on a tiny island, so why isn't there a mountain of humongo dog poo around? No one is ever complaining of the poo smell and you never see Emily Elizabeth carrying around a pooper scooper the size of a snow shovel. I am still cracking up about reading that.)

The sad thing is, if I were a better mom I wouldn't even be writing this post because I would be spending time playing with and reading to my children all day long instead of parking them in front of the TV for entertainment. Oh, well. They'll survive.

Ok, so now it is your turn. Do you agree or disagree or do you have any others to add??


the dragonfly said...

I can't say I agree or disagree........I have yet to be fully introduced to Children's Television. The Little Mister is only seven months old..

Dawn said...

This was a funny post. Don't beat yourself up about letting your kids watch these though- from what I read when I come here, it sounds like you're a terrific mom!
We are well acquainted with Caillou at our house, I agree he's whiny but my son loves this show! There was one character missing that I would have included- Angelica from Rugrats!

Kellan said...

These made me laugh out loud!! I have 4 kids who have all been sat in front of the TV at one time or the other - my twins are 15 and straight A and honor roll students - as is my 10 year old son. TV is merely a tool for "OUR" survival - it doesn't have to dictate what and who our children will become. Take care and I'll see you later. Kellan

Maria said...

I like Caillou, but I've heard from others like you who say he's whiny and spoiled, too. I actually don't mind any of the characters that you mentioned. I
DON'T like the people dressed up with the colored hair and painted faces (I don't even know their names). I also can't stand the girl from The Big Comfy Couch, once again, fake hair and looking like a clown.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

My kid LOVES Teletubbies even though he's only 5 months old. Well - I guess he loves them - he stares at them really hard and smiles and laughs. Maybe he's communicating with them? I hope they're not sending him subliminal messages like "bite her boob while she's nursing you . . . "

HILLARY said...

AMEN!!! I finally weaned my 4 yr old off of Caillou. I think her whinning came from him. It was too easy to get hings done when he was one. I even tivod it. But no more. Emma stated that since she is almost 5, she is too old for him!! Thank heavens!

Leah said...

OMG! I laughed all the way through that. Except I happen to like Elmo and Zoe. My kids couldn't care less about the rest of the characters (or the show these days, anymore), but they always got excited to see Elmo and Zoe, and whatever makes my kids happy, makes me happy. I even liked Barney for awhile there because toddler Emily thought he was the GREATEST thing ever! ha!

I had to laugh about Jetta. She's the first person I thought of as well!! Angelina Ballerina is obnoxious and whiney as well. We don't see much of her as she's not on PBS anymore (that I've seen) and we don't have many channels anymore...

Thanks for the laugh!!

onthegomom said...

I do NOT like Caillou either. That kid drives me nutty.

I do like the Wonder Pets though. :-)

Cindy in Gig Harbor said...

I am rather out of touch with the cartoon scene these days as my kids are grown. I was wondering what happened to Saturday morning cartoons tho! Remember when the only cartoon on, was either after a movie got over early and Tom and Jerry were filler, or Saturday morning (til your mom kicked you outside to play). Okay, I am dating myself here! What is your take on the sponge bob guy? I can't seem to give his tooth brushes away (oral b) at my dental office.
Kids are poo-pooing him. He must be a real "square" now.

utmomof5 said...

I agree with all of your choices. I would add Little Bear for no reason than he just bugs the crap out of me. Also Franklin, why is he the only one on the show with a name? All the other characters are just "Bear" or "Rabbit". They are both kinda older cartoons but still I hate them.


Don Mills Diva said...

I actually kinda like Diego - I think he's going to be quite a hottie when he grows up.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, my husband swore one of the teletubbies at Walmart, when his tummy was pressed, said, "Bite me, bite me, biiittteee mmmyyyy buuutttt." And I have to admit, it did sound that way to me too.

Stacie said...


One Scrappy Gal said...

I always feel sad when I see a picture of Caillou. He always looks like he's in the throes of chemotherapy. Seriously, what's with the no hair?

As for Yo Yo Gabba Gabba... ugh!! Who thought that was a good idea?!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Thanks for the laughs

desirae said...

Ohh.. My son loves Caillou, and now that you mention it that kid is whiny.. I was just too irratated to notice.. Maybe this explains The whinyness in my house.. As for Elmo.. I would love to kick him.. His stupid giggle.. Last week my kids stuck the Elmo Voice speaker (from the tickle me x elmo-or whatever he is) In my purse.. Is there any need to say that it went off as I was bending over at the gas station, in front of a large group of oversized construction workers.. "AH-AH-AH- No Peeking. HEHEHEHHEHEHE" I hate elmo..

girlymom said...

I totally agree with yours. If I made a list it would be the same ones- especially that whiny Caillou- Ugh. I add... the two dinosaurs stuck together on Dragontales- Zack and Wheezy. Annoying!!

Jennifer said...

Jetta - AGREE
Elmo - AGREE
Curious Georges owner - No comment. I haven't watched it enough to make a comment.
Ernie - I actually like Ernie. It could be just the memories from when SS was actually a good show.
Calliou - AGREE - UGH I HATE CALLIOU. I also agree with one scrappy gal that he looks like he is in Chemo.
TellyTubbies - AGREE
Diego - I like Diego. His sense of adventure suits my kids, so I see no harm in having a jaguar as a pet ;)
Yo Gabba Gabba - sort of agree. I like the song party in my tummy, and I love biz's beat of the day.
Wonder Pets - I enjoy them. Everytime I watch them I always spend the rest of the day singing the songs. I love how they have some strange situations though. A cow, stuck in a tree, unicorn stuck in a tree, ming ming stuck in a tree. What is it with everyone being stuck in a tree??
The Backyardigans - I love them. I watch them sometimes when its just me near the tv.

~Jennifer - missing Punky Brewster, the real show, not the cartoon.

The Boyds Family said...


My three year old loves: Dora, Diego, Max and Ruby, Baby Looney Toons (she calls them Duck and Rabbit) and Mickey Mouse - I'm sure there are more but I can't remember them all.

The one cartoon I hate the most has GOT to be Sponge Bob - What an obnoxious voice!!

Shan said...

Oh I agree with you on Caillou. Drives me nuts, good thing my girls don't ask for him ever, but will watch if it happens to be on.

Here we're big fans of Dora, Diego, Max & Ruby, Four Square, Wonder Pets, the Backyardigans, Bugs Bunny & gang.

That Ruby does get on my nerves though, bossy little thing she is. Little Bear, Franklin, and Daniel Cook really kind of bug me too.