Monday, October 1, 2007

"I got some alligator under my nail"

Evan has always had a vivid imagination. From the time he was little he would tell you these funny stories that he would make up about bad men stealing his cake and how he chased them down on a blue horse and fought them with swords and tied them up and ate his yummy cake. So here is the latest glimps into his crazy mind....
"Mommy!! Mommy!! Look!!" said Evan.
"What's wrong sweetie?" I said.
"Look at my arm. I have a big booboo right here."
I looked at his arm and on the underneath side there was a VERY small scratch. Maybe 1/4 of an inch long. It looked almost like a paper cut it was so thin.
"It's not that bad." I gave it a kiss and said "I think you will survive."
"No, but mommy it is BLEEDING!!"
It was not. So I said "What happened? How did you get scratched?"
"I fell in the water and an alligator bit me!!"
"WHAT?!?!" I said laughing.
"An alligator. It bit me when I fell in the water. See out there?" He pointed out back to the swimming pool.
"You fell in the pool and an alligator bit you??"
"No, that isn't a pool, it's a swamp. I fell in the swamp and an alligator bit me and now I am BLEEDING."
"What can I do to make it better?"
"It needs washed."
We went into the bathroom and while I was gently washing his alligator bite he started looking at his fingernails. He held his hand up and was like "See my fingers. They are disgusting!" He showed me his fingernail and there was a little bit of dirt under his nail.
"Ewwww, where did that come from? Maybe we should wash it out." I replied back to him.
"It's from when I fought the alligator"
"You fought the alligator??"
"When he bit me I punched him. I swung around and around and scratched him and I got some alligator under my finger."
Needless to say I got a little laugh out of this. It was nice because I had been having a rough day yesterday because Jason was sick and I was brave and decided to venture off to church with all four of my littles by myself. I love my little Evan. He is always the perfect does of comedic relief!