Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"He has a redwood, doesn't he??

Last week Kyle brought home a letter from school asking him to bring in family pictures. I asked his teacher the next day exactly what type of pictures they wanted. She told me that they were making a family tree for their open house and they wanted pictures of everyone in his family he was close to. She said it could be one family picture or single pictures of everyone in the family. It didn't matter. So, that night Kyle and I started picking out pictures. Tonight was his open house. We walked into his room and he started showing us around. His teachers pointed out his family tree on the wall and this was what it looked like....

There were so many pictures you couldn't even see the tree!! It was HI-larious!
Most of the other families had one...two...maybe three pictures on them. We took it off the wall and were looking at it and kind of giggling. There was another father of one of the children in the class that was walking by and he looked over at Kyle's tree and said "Wow! He has a redwood, doesn't he??" We laughed a little and then went on looking at everything else and then headed for home. It wasn't until after we were at home and I was thinking about it and giggling a little about how heavy Kyle's redwood looked hanging on the fridge. He has a redwood. How cool is that? Kyle has so many people in his life that love him that he overflowed a tree to the point that everyone at that open house noticed how full it was. I have the most amazing family. And not all of them even made the tree because we didn't have up to date photos of them!! So, I hope that all of you who are reading this are fortunate enough to either be a part of now or will at some point in the future be a part of a giant redwood!


Autumn said...

Aww, that's a great story. How cute! Family support is great, isn't it?