Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shots, Guilt and Yogurt Covered Fruit Snacks

Yesterday I had to take my 5 year old and my 4 month old in for their check ups at the pediatrician's office. I was sooo thankful to my husband for coming home from work early so he could take the other 3 (I had my niece yesterday too) so I didn't have to drag them all into the germ infested office with me.

I had explained to Kyle that he would be getting some shots. I had no idea, however that he would end up having to get 5 shots and have his finger pricked. My baby had to have numerous shots as well. I had it all planned out. Kyle would go first so he wouldn't have to watch Alaina scream through her shots before he got his. That would just make him freak. I knew that. Obviously the Doc did not get the memo. Right as she was leaving the room she said "Why don't we go ahead and have your little sister get hers first, alright?"

Well of course Kyle was all for that and I could not convince him otherwise. So, he sat and watched her get shot after shot after shot after shot. With each shot I could see him becoming more anxious. His smile disappeared......his bottom lip began to quiver.....tears began to fill his big blue eyes....."MOMMY! I don't want a shot! I am not sick! See, I am fine. I want to go home now."

So, I put the poor guy on my lap and held his hands while he got shot after shot after shot after shot. They gave him a baseball cap and a coupon for a piece of candy from the candy store right next door (the person that put a candy store in right next to the pediatrician's office is genius!! They give coupons to kids who get shots, you take them in to get their "free" piece of candy and are immediately mesmerized by the amazing smell of chocolate and end up buying half the store!!).

I had to stop on the way home because I didn't have any Tylenol for the baby. It's not such a great idea to take your 5 year old into a store with you when you are feeling guilty right after you have subjected him to having sharp, metal objects thrust into his flesh. You go in for milk and Tylenol and come out with things like Yogos (little fruit snacks covered in yogurt...I think), a cheese-filled coffeecake, Sprite, a GALLON of ice cream, strawberry flavored syrup, a little stuffed elephant, yellow plastic cups, a bouquet of flowers, a box of Lucky Charms, and a talking "Thinking of You" card!!

Lesson learned.


utmomof5 said...

I had to check out your blog after you left my first offical comment on my blog. How cool are you!! You kids are real cuties and I feel for you and the shots at the doctor. No fun at all =(. I will continue to read.


onthegomom said...

Oh, I hate shots! Actually I hate needles. Whenever my kids have had to have them I put on a very brave face in front of them, when in reality I either want to throw up or faint.

Wow, a candy store right next to the Peds office, that is brillant!!

Jamflam said...

Too right! I hate having to take the kids to the dr. for shots. Is there anything worse. And that look they give you, like "you did this to me, and I trusted you...." I hate it!!