Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Child, the Superstar!!!

We went and watched Kyle's Christmas play tonight and I have to say, in my completely bias opinion, my child is so adorable. He did such a great job. They were in a HUGE community center and they didn't have any microphones for them (although, they managed to have them for the older children.....). He used his BIG voice just like we had been practicing and there was no mention of standing when peeing!! Woo Hoo!!!
Here he is with a couple of his, I mean classmates. They all looked so cute in their white shirts. Little boys always look so funny in button up shirts with collars when you tuck them into their pants. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe because they look a little "Erkle-like." I dunno. I always say Kyle looks "adorkable" when he is dressed up and looking all handsome with his hair brushed all nice and neat.
They had them all sit up front in the "Reserved" section together. They were supposed to sit in these seats until the end of the program (which was an hour) and then the Pre-K kids were supposed to go up for the finale with all the older children (The kids in the school are grades Pre-K - 7th grade). The teachers had them go sit in their chairs 30 minutes BEFORE the show started. Any guesses as to how long they lasted in the chairs......? Anyone...anyone...?? No, alrighty. Well, they were very first on the program and as soon as they were done the teacher sent Kyle (along with 4 other boys) back to sit with us. They skipped the finale. This was not surprising to me. I was pleasantly surprised when they made it to the start of the sad is that??
Here he is up on stage saying his "Hi! I'm "L," I stand for the Lord Jesus" line. Ummmm, I worked so hard on getting him to use that BIG voice of his I guess I forgot to tell him I also wanted to be able to see his big head. cute is he...?? Even headless he is just so stinkin' cute! The play was great. Ok, well it was good. Alright, it was a kid play. So it was hardly bearable. They did serve an ENTIRE meal afterwards with fish and chicken and beef and salad and rolls and lasagna and TONS of Greek food (most of which I didn't eat because I had NO idea what it was). And there were the most AMAZING cupcakes you have ever tasted....made by yours truly, of course (HEY! What kinda woman would I be if I didn't toot my own horn every once in awhile..heehee). I bet I came out of there at least 5 pounds fatter....and it was totally worth it!!And of course, what kinda night would it be if something didn't get spilled down someones nice, white shirt. This happened to be the juice from a cherry that Kyle bit into and then promptly spit out when he realized it wasn't an "ice cream" cherry. All I have to say is, Thank Heaven for bleach pens. :)


onthegomom said...

AHHHH, he is adorable! And I had to laugh over the stain... of course that would happen, white is a magnet for that kind of stuff!

Angie said...

The curls on the co-conspirator - OH MY!!! This time of year is sure fun for the little tikes. Hamming it up is either just for them or makes them totally clam up. I love a nicely dressed little boy, too.

Dawn said...

What a cute boy you have. You told the story in such a fun way also. I love kid's Christmas programs.

desirae said...

He looks so adorable. I love the picture of him with the L covering his face. lol. And the stains.. Classic.. Never, ever, ever fails. Even if they sit in one spot with nothing to eat or drink. Good job on the cupcakes.. They looked really good..

Cecily R said...

Icecream cherry, HA! I love that kind too! He IS a superstar!

Jill said...

I can't believe they expected those little kids to sit there that long.
Bleach pens ROCK!

Katie said...

Nice work on the cupcakes...and on the cute kid.

Babies especially look bad in colored shirts. They have no necks.

Katie said...

I think i said colored shirts but I meant collared shirts.

Family Adventure said...

Awwww....sooooo cute! And proud. Look at him with his friends.

I'm glad he did such an amazing job, and I love that little spill down his shirt. A true sign of a great evening.


PS: Fabulous lookin' cupcakes, missy!

Kelly Malloy said...

Looks like he did a great job! White is just a magnet for spills -even on grown-ups! My hubby won't even LET me buy anything white!

Leah said...

How sweet! That cracked up me about him being "headless" in the one picture. What a handsome boy all duded up. I have differing opinions of little boys in button-up shirts and collars, though. I find them completely ADORABLE and I'm giddy over my boys when I dress them that way. LOL I'm all for button-up shirts, polo shirts, rugby shirts, and sweaters on my boys. LOL

Glad the night was somewhat bearable, and too bad the food was mostly "unknown items", but at least you had cupcakes! That's all a girl really needs anyway... ha ha!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Valerie!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment! I LOVE getting comments, especially from someone new! I really like your blog, it's so cute with all those pictures of your kids, Wow! You must be such a proud mom of four beautiful kids, (and a tired mom, I'm assuming!):) The Christmas program looked like fun (well, at least the boys appear to be having fun!) and your little guy up on the stage in the middle like that, with the book in front of his face, so cute! Hey, I give him credit for getting up there and not crying, way to go! Your cupcakes look delicious, and I'll bet they were a hit with the crowd, too. Take care and hope you stop by again sometime, I'll be back to check up on you!

Jennifer said...

he is adorable!!! And agreed that the curls on his friend, I am so jealous!

Nice job on the cupcakes!!

I am an adult, and I can't wear a white (oh heck - any light colored shirt) without spilling something down the front of it.

One Scrappy Gal said...

What a little cutie pie!! I am looking forward to all the plays that are in MY future. :-)