Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pretty Ribbon and Tiny Celebs

I went over to Joann ETC today. I am trying to make a couple of little headbands for my baby. Notice I used the word TRYING. I cannot sew. I know, picking out some ribbon and attaching a small piece of elastic isn't exactly what most people would call sewing, but to me, it's all the same. And I suck at it all!!

So, I had to run over and pick out some pretty ribbon. I am trying to make a headband to match her cute little green Christmas dress. I was standing there in the ribbon aisle, checking out all the green ribbon they had. There was light green, dark green, shiny green, silky green, striped green, green with polka dots, green lace. Good gravy! Who'd a thought picking out some ribbon would be so exhausting?!

I had decided to bring Alaina with me so I could hold the ribbon up to her head and see how it would look against the color of her hair, but had I thought to actually bring the dress (or at least the bloomers) with me to match the colors and make sure the ribbon would match the DRESS and not just the baby....? Neh, I'm not that smart.

So as I am standing there, holding about 17 different kinds of ribbon, I felt someone standing behind me, peering over my shoulder.

"Awww, what an adorable baby. She has the most beautiful eyes. How old is she?"

I began to answer, "She is 6 months," as I turned around to see who the stranger was complimenting my child. I looked at her face. She looked very familiar to me. She was short. She was petite....VERY petite. She had really blond hair, pulled back into a tight ponytail. Did she go to my church? Had I seen her at my child's school? I had been at Target a lot lately, maybe she worked there...That could be. Then, all of a sudden, it hit me!! Lizzie Spalding!! It was Crystal Hunt, the girl who plays Lizzie Spalding on Guiding Light (a daytime Soap)and she was in Sydney White (a movie that recently came out).

I had to keep myself from gasping and saying "Oh my gosh! You are Lizzie!! You have done some really bad things in your life, little missy!!" I played it cool. She stood there and we talked for a while. I never let on that I knew who she was. In retrospect, I wish I had. It was obvious no one else there had recognized her and although I am sure celebs don't like it when people mob them, I am sure it is nice to be recognized and know that people are watching their work.

I should have asked her for an autograph. It would have been great to have kept it for Alaina and told her the story of when the actress stopped me in the store to tell me how cute she was. Why is it that sometimes our brains just quit working completely?? I am generally a pretty intelligent woman. I blame it on trying to shop for sewing items. I was using way too much of my brain power trying not to go crazy picking out the ribbon that by the time Lizzie came along I had nothing left.

Plus, I found myself, yet AGAIN, wondering why I hadn't put my camera in my bag! UGH! I had had it in there for the last week and yesterday took it out to snap some photos of my children. Maybe I need to just buy myself a second camera to keep in my bag. *double sigh* Oh well.


Kellan said...

See - you get to meet famous people and me ... I've never met anyone famous!! That is a cool story. Thanks for coming over and leaving the nice Birthday wish for my Dad. Hope you have a good evening. Kellan

Dawn said...

Well you still have a pretty cool story even without an autograph or a photo. Your reaction to seeing someone famous is similar to how I used to react when I was a nanny for a baseball player- I always tried to "play it cool" when I met other players but in retrospect, it would have been nice to acknowledge their work.

Kelly Malloy said...

Don't you hate when you forget your camera?

Lucille said...

That is a great story! You can always journal it and put a photo of your sweet daughter with a photo of the star from a magazine! :)

I've never been that lucky to run into someone famous - well I did once but I was much to young to realize who he was (Robert Redford!)

I'm sure if it happened today I'd be dumfounded and say nothing thinking I was wrong! LOL!

onthegomom said...

Holy Cow!!! That is an amazing story. I would of totally played it cool too, or tried to be cool anyway.

Family Adventure said...

You can still tell her, and show her this blog entry.

I don't know Crystal Hunt, but I think it's cool that she is willing to go up to strangers and compliment them on their kids and whatnot. You get the impression that celebrities think they're better than the rest of us mere mortals sometimes. It's nice to be proven wrong :)


PS: And of course she is 100% right about Alaina. Hope you found the perfect ribbon.

Valarie said...

Heidi- It was pretty cool. She was very down to earth. I found it amusing that she was wearing some black knit pnats, a black t-shirt, her hair back in a ponytail and no make-up. She just seemed so "normal" and still looked cute as a button.

Leah said...

Well, pictures and autographs or not, it's a fun story for the baby book!

And a celeb siting takes the sting out of not having the dress to match the green ribbon to. Did you end up purchasing ribbon (and did it match)?

One Scrappy Gal said...

That's so awesome!! Even if you didn't get an autograph, it's still a great story!

My brush with fame happened when I was a kid. I was ice skating at Wollman Rink in NYC and doing a horrible job of it, when I fell and took down a man with me. It was Donald Trump. I didn't know who he was at the time until my friend's mother told me "do you know who you knocked down?" At 11... I wasn't impressed. :)

Did you get the ribbon? Did it match? Will we see some sample of your sewing prowress? You can't be any worse than me, that's for sure.

Valarie said...

I DID get some ribbon and it DID match!!!! I made a headband....I'll post pics soon.

frog ponds rock... said...

Hi that's a nice story.. the actress was probably grateful that you didn't do the OMG you're Lizzie thing..

Thanks for coming over to my blog.
cheers Kim..

p.s the arm is heaps better thanks for asking :)

shannon said...

how fun for you...and I am TOTALLY with you on the non-sewing things. i hate it. once when i was a teenager, i tried to make PJ pants...easy right? NOPe...i sewed a left to a left and a right to a right rather than a left to a right twice. i am so NOT talented when it comes to those things. love aliana's dress BTW!

Leanne said...

Neat. Did she have an opinion on the ribbon color?

I would have blurted out something totally stupid, so you can't have lost all your marbles yet, as you were cool!

suburbancorrespondent said...

No,no, you did the right thing. That woman doesn't need to be punished by a photo session just for commenting on your sweet baby.

Doesn't it amaze you to realize these people are real?

MadMad said...

Oh, what a great story! I do exactly the same thing - pretend I don't know who it is! How funny!

Autumn said...

How cool is that? Literally, I think its great that you kept your cool. yes, what a great story to tell your babe!!

Katie said...

Nothing that exciting ever happens to me. Not that I'd recognize it if it did.

girlymom said...

what a cute idea. I have a ton of little girls who love headbands.