Thursday, May 22, 2008


I saw this on another blog. I didn't officially get tagged, but I am doing it anyways. The whole point is to answer the questions using pictures from GOOGLE images. It was lots of fun.

Age on my next Birthday:

Place I want to visit:

My Favorite thing:

Favorite Place:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Color:

Town I Live In:

Name of a Past/Present Pet:

Nickname I've had:

College Major:

First Job:

Goal for the next Year:

Ok, so I am going to tag a few girlies just because I can....


Katie said...

Ok, what is your favorite food? because it looks divine!

Thanks for playing. This is a fun one.

I may have to play your purse tag...although it's a little embarrassing the things I find important enough to carry around...not to mention all the garbage.

Leah said...

how fun! And thanks for tagging me! Without a functioning camera at the moment, I need creative blog ideas such as this. LOL

Tracy B. said...

You didn't tag me for this, but you should have. I'm going to do it. So there!

Cecily R said...

That was cool! Great images you found. Gracie and I officially want to visit that castle too....

Dawn said...

That was fun...I don't know that favorite food is but it looks so yummy!

Heather said...

That was fun!

utmomof5 said...

What is your favortie food? Looks liek a fun tag!

Amanda B. said...

Very cool pictures- I learned some things about you. Actually you were tagged- you just didn't see it yet. :) I tagged you on mine yesterday. Fun, huh?

The Cochran Family said...

Scotland? What is the gooey chessy thing? Oh, the bed...divine...the farm, hah ha, remember making corn for dinner....yummy!!!

Family Adventure said...

Fun meme! :)


Anonymous said...

that was too cool. That had to take a while, no?

Steph said...

Very cool post, I may have to steal this one.