Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You Know What I LOVE????

You know what I LOVE....???

I LOVE it when you go to the grocery store for milk, and you end up with ice cream, NyQuil, some light bulbs, yogurt, pretzels, air freshener and a bag of oreos as well. Oh, and I LOVE it even more when you buy all that crap and you get home and realize you FORGOT the milk.

I LOVE it when you drag your butt out of bed when the alarm goes off and hop in a not-so-hot shower in hopes it will wake you up quickly and after it has done it's job and you are wide awake you look at the clock on the microwave and realize your toddler had been playing with your clock in the bedroom and you are up an hour early.

I LOVE it when you are flipping through channels on the radio and hear your favorite song, only to find out it is a commercial, so you only get to hear two thirds of a line of that song.

I LOVE it when you are sitting at home and enjoying the quiet, only to realize it is quiet because your 5 year old and your 3 year old have decided to get the spaghetti noodles down out of the pantry and make spaghetti in the bathroom sink.

I LOVE it when you notice your 8 month old has something in her mouth and you dig it out, and learn she has been sucking on the dog's food.

I LOVE it when you spend an hour slaving over a hot stove to make a deliciously healthy meal to help your family grow up big and strong, only to have 3 quarters of them gag at the thought of putting it anywhere near their lips.

I LOVE it when you are at the store and the salesclerk who is maybe 2 years younger than you are calls you "Ma'am."

I LOVE it when you are walking across the wood floor and your bare foot slips on something and you look down and realize you are sliding through a puddle of baby vomit.

I LOVE it when you open the refrigerator door and are knocked back by some pungent odor that is coming from who knows what that has been in there for who knows how long.

And.....I LOVE it even more when all of this happens in a 24 hours period!!!!!!!


utmomof5 said...

Having a good day? Hope tomorrow is better!!


Law Student Hot Mama said...

FYI, I find that one can also slip on a substance on the floor only to determine that it's cat barf. And yes, I've had barf from multiple species present on my body simultaneously before.

Good times.

Leah said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's enough to make you eat all the ice cream and go to bed EARLY!!


Beth said...

Today will be better!

Bonnie B. said...

I don't so much love it when all that happens, especially in 24 hours! Hope today is better!

Dawn said...

Yikes! That's a lot of things to love in one day! It sounds like a sitcom at your house :) I've lived through a lot of those things you mention but never all in one day.

The Cochran Family said...

you describe my day...how???? you should be a columnist for the dispath Val!

Bonnie said...

If I had a dollar for every time I have done this I could pay someone to go to the store for me. I didn't finish reading that post yet because I got distracted by the adorable baby. This is my first time to stumble upon your site. I am guessing that adorable one is your youngest. I look foreward to learning a name. Hope you have an awesome day.

shannon said...

you are hilarious, i was totally LOL-ing. (is that even a word?) i loved it!

girlymom said...

That is one heck of a day! Hope it's been better since then...