Friday, April 20, 2007

What in the World???

We had a very scary night tonight. We had our car into the auto mechanic and had to go pick it up tonight. We decided that since we were out we would take on the daunting task of shoe shopping for the boys. While we were at the mall there was a 5 year old boy that was kiddnapped. The details were a little shady and a lot confusing, and it was VERY scary. Apparantly the mom ran into the mall and left her 5 year old son strapped in his carseat in an unlocked van. When she came out the van, with the child inside, was gone. My heart sank. I found myself super paraniod walking throught he mall with my kids. I kept yelling at them because if they got more than 5 feet away from me I freaked. Granted it was a stupid idea for the mom to leave her child in the car and although I know I would never do that even for 30 seconds, my heart hurt for this sobbing mother. We haven't heard anything about the boy being found yet. I really hope he if found and is ok. What is this world coming to?!?!


Nat & Kari said...

Scary!!!! I hope they found him!

Valarie said...

FYI....They did find him safe and sound.