Monday, April 30, 2007

A little variety

It dawned on me as I was glancing back thru my posts that they all seem to be about Evan! Shannon has requested some more pics of Kyle, so I figure I will just post some random pics of the kids. Mikaily will be 7 on Friday. She wants a SpongeBob party!?!? Kyle is 4 and a half now and Evan is 2 and a half. I go back into my doctor in a week again because they are worried that I might be preeclamptic. I am not too worried. I only have 5 more weeks to go anyways, and so even if I do have problems, if they can get me another 3 weeks everything should be fine. I had Mikaily at 32 wks, so we are past that point already. I want to keep this one cooking for awhile still. June 7th just seems like a good date to have baby. :)


Tracy B. said...

Man, I miss your babies!

shannon said...

oh gosh, your kids are so darn cute! and thanks for posting about Kyle...he was such the cutest baby and so fun (and the only one i bad is that?). what are you naming this new one? i hope all goes well these last few weeks...we'll pray for ya!