Monday, April 23, 2007

Mini Me

I have had my niece, Devyn, all week this week because my mom is on vacation in Arizona. Devyn has a great head of hair. Unfortunately for those of you that have been around a baby with lots of hair you know they can suffer from "stinky baby head" syndrome. My littles are constantly petting her hair and so it tends to get pretty greasy. So I felt bad when we had her the other day, because Jill was picking up her beautiful little girl covered in our dogs hair (he is shedding pretty bad right now because the weather has gotten hot) and with a stinky head. So, I decided to give her a bath so that she was nice and clean and smelling like strawberries when her mom came to get her. Much to my surprise, when her hair was wet it was super curly. Kyle pointed out that her and Evan "matched." We decided that we should take a quick picture because she kinda looked like a little "mini me" Evan. The kids got a kick out of it.