Monday, April 30, 2007

That's a Big Milk!

It's been a couple days since I posted anything, so here is a cute story. Yesterday my mom came over to spend time with the kids. Evan told her that he was thirsty and asked her if she could help get him a drink. She, of course, said yes and they meandered into the kitchen. My mom walked over to get a cup for him and Evan went promptly to the refrigerator. He swung the door open and reached in and grabbed the handle of the milk container. Jason had gone shopping the night before, so this was an unopened, completely full gallon of milk. He pulled with all his might and jerked it off the shelf. It proceeded to drop like a rock, smacking into the floor and jerking Evan forward, which made him whack his forehead on the shelf and pulled him, headfirst, into the fridge. My mom went over to him, thinking he would be crying and/or upset because of this large bump forming on his forehead. He turned and looked at her with his big brown eyes and said "Whoa! That's a big milk! I am stwong!!" He then ran out of the kitchen and came to show me his big muscles that were "stwong" enough to pick up the milk. He was much more impressed with the fact that he didn't lose his grip on the big milk than that this big milk had just kicked his butt. I love 2 year olds!!


Tracy B. said...

That's so funny! I love Evan! He is really "stwong." Believe me, he's thumped me more than a few times.