Monday, April 16, 2007

Spicy Quesas

I am really bored. I have found myself closed up in my house a lot lately. Ever since Evan has been in underwear I am still a little nervous to take him out anywhere. Not to mention the fact that my paranoid doctor seems to think I need to be sitting on my butt for an extended period of time every day. My contractions still don't seem to be slowing down much. All this bedrest seems to be doing is packing on the pounds. Ok, well it probably doesn't help that I have a hard time eating anything that is remotely nutrious. I would much rather have two twinkies and a glass of caffeine free coke for dinner.
I took Kyle out last week for a mommy/son day out. We went to a movie (Meet The Robinsons....not so good) and then out to eat at Chilis aka "the pepper place." Kyle has finally decided to move beyond his picky eater stage and has started trying any food you put in front of him. He decided he wanted to try some queso while at Chilis. He tried a bite and then spent the next few minutes telling our waitress how spicy it was and how much he liked it. When we got home he proceeded to tell our family about his new favorite food, "Spicy Quesas." Now that might not seem amusing to many of you, but let me remind you that my sister-in-law's name is Marquesas and Kyle calls her Quesas. It was kind of cute.


Tracy B. said...

That's funny! I miss Kyle so much.

shannon said...

Hey's shannon petersen! i love the blog and please keep us updated! i love seeing the photos and when are you due???