Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RaNdOm ThOuGhTs FrOm EvAn

A few weeks ago, I dropped Kyle off at school and then I had to run to Target with Evan and Alaina. I was meandering around through the baby clothes section (only, like, my FAVORITE part of ANY store). Evan was kinda following a few steps behind. I don't really think he was awake yet. I picked up the most adorable little pink shirt I have ever seen when, all of a sudden, I heard Evan Gasp.

Evan: MOMMY!!!!!!! We HAVE to go back home!!!

I turned and looked at him to see what in the world could possibly have happened to elicit this outburst. He was standing about 6 inches away from one of the pillars coming up out of the floor. This particular pillar had a mirror on it. He took both hands and flung them up, on top of his head.

Evan: "MOMMY!!! We HAVE to go back home right now!"
Me: "Why? What's wrong??"
Evan: (as he moans and rolls his eyes at me) "You forgot to put in my curls!!"
Me: "Ummm, ok drama queen. Keep it movin'!!

Yesterday, I stepped on a frog in the driveway. I was in my bare feet, too. I don't think I killed it. At least not immediately. It kinda hobbled off into the grass. It wasn't my fault though. I couldn't see where I was going because I was carrying so much stuff in my arms...and by stuff, I mean my ten month old daughter and my 15 month old niece. I squealed a little. Then yelled at the frog for being "slow and stupid." Evan was standing a few feet away from me when the unfortunate encounter took place. He lectured me on how I had said a bad word and that wasn't a good thing to do (The word "stupid" is forbidden in our house). Then, he looked up at me with his big, brown eyes, and said "It's not a good thing to step on a frog either, I think. It might be some bad luck. So now you have to make sure you don't die."

This afternoon, I was baking cookies. I love baking. Baking relaxes me. Evan came in the kitchen just as I was starting to mix the ingredients together. He asked if he could help and I said "absolutely." He pulled up a chair and began helping me stir all of the gunk together. I pulled out an egg. He asked if he could do it. I said "absolutely."

After we finished cleaning the egg up off the floor, Evan decided he was bored and left the kitchen. 30 seconds later, he came sprinting back into the kitchen screaming "Mom! STOP STOP WAIT!!!!!" So, I did. I laughed at him and asked what in the world was wrong.
He said "Mom, did you put my egg in that bowl there??"
I said "Yes, I did. I'm sorry. I thought you didn't want to anymore."
"I didn't." He said back as he climbed up on the chair again and peered into the bowl. "But, did you put cheese on that egg? Because I don't want cheese on my egg today."


Family Adventure said...

How precious is he? A great snapshot of your little Evan!

I hope you do one for all your kids!


PS: Those curls are to DIE for. No wonder he didn't want to leave the house without them :)

the dragonfly said...

He is ADORABLE! And so concerned for you bring the wrath of...something...down on you for stepping on the frog. :)

utmomof5 said...

Does he ever get in trouble? Those big eyes looking up at you must make you just melt!

Dawn said...

I love stories about Evan! What a cute kid.

Cee said...

awww, i love kid logic. The world is so simple in the eyes of a child. He's adorable :)

My favorite part of any store is the baby clothes aisle too.

Amanda B. said...

He is an adorable child! I bet he makes you smile about 1000 x a day! :) Love the curls!

Cecily R said...

I think I might love Evan.

Kellan said...

What funny stories!!! I loved the frog story - not that I love the idea of anyone stepping on a frog - YUK!! Hope you are having a good week Valarie - see ya - Kellan

Leah said...

how funny is he??? LOL!! I love the randomness of little children

Mrs. Blimes said...

you are so sweet val-b! did you know i call you that? i posted again and again too...come see

ps, your kids are all over my myspace! lol

Mrs. Blimes said...

did i post my comment like 6 times just now? oopps!

desirae said...

I love that you forgot his curls.. How dare you!! lol.. Too funny..

Mrs. Blimes said...

yes!!!! drew thinks the 3rd bedroom is going to be "man room2" but its a guest room...and hopefully nursery someday!

girlymom said...

Oh how funny... he is a keeper!
I love that stupid is a bad word at your house because I get called out on it all the time here and I made the rule!

You are way too relaxed about stepping on a frog, I would have freaked and ran! I don't like slimy/squishy anything on my feet, never have.

Bonnie said...

He is so absolutly adorable and sweet. Where did he get the curly hair?