Thursday, October 2, 2008

Evan is Cute, But He Sure is a Weirdo!

Each day when it is time for Kaily and Kyle to get off the bus, Evan helps me round up the babies and herd them towards the door.
Today was no different.... except for the fact that I was running around, trying to find my other red flip flop. So that left Evan trying to herd the babies all by himself.
Somehow, he managed to do it (probably with a little more brute strength than either of the babies required). He was standing at the door, hand on the doorknob. I heard him sigh loudly a few times as he tried his hardest to keep the babies wrangled at the door, ready to go. I found my shoe (sitting on the mantle in front of the fireplace, of course) and headed for the door. Evan stuck his head around the corner, looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and exclaimed "HURRY UP, YO!!!!!"
And if that isn't evidence enough for you, check out this short video. I bet you can guess which part is my favorite.


utmomof5 said...

That boy can boogie!!! I love it!!

Brenda said...

LOVE IT!! That was an impressive kartwheel! I love the proud grin on his face at the very end! He's cool and he knows it!! :)

Dawn said...

That video was adorable!

Porters said...

He is way cute, so where does he get his moves from you or Jason? By the way I love his hair, I wish one of my kids had a head of hair like that.

Stacie said...

"hurry up, yo!"

that is daughter started using "yo" a while ago and she gets a big kick out if when I do it back. LOL

he can get DOWN...and I agree with Brenda IMPRESSIVE cartwheel!

Leah said...

AWESOME. and I'm just beyond shocked he can do cartwheels! OOOH, that dancing made me SMILE.

Amanda B. said...

He is adorable!

This has happened to me so many times where I got everyone else completely ready to go but then held up the show myself trying to find a shoe/purse/keys/ whatever. It's amazing we make it out the door at all!

shannon said...

oh, he's got the moves alright!