Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Under the Knife

I took Evan to the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor today. He has to have his adenoids and his tonsils out. BIG SURPRISE! The boy has been snoring since he was about 32 minutes old. I joke with Jason about how we would be able to tell if Evan stopped breathing when he was sleeping because the snoring would stop. Sometimes he snores so loud you can hear him three rooms away. So we went in and they looked at him for about 30 seconds, asked me a bunch of questions (One of which was "How would you rate the volume of his snoring on a scale of 1...being ten...being loudest? I wanted to ask if I could choose 13. I also found out something very interesting. Evan is itty bitty. He is 3 now and still weighs just over 25 pounds. He wears a size 3T shirt, but still can fit into a 12-18 month pair of shorts. His pants have to be a bigger size because he is longer than a 12 month, but you get the picture. So the ENT tells me that, most of the time, kids that have this problem are really, really small because they waste their energy working so hard to breathe while they are sleeping instead of saving that energy and growing while they are sleeping. I felt so bad! You mean to tell me that Evan has spent the last three years wearing himself out trying to breathe while he was sleeping?? So, hopefully he will have this surgery and then take off! That would be so great. It is still pretty scary though. He has to go under general anesthesia. The procedure only takes about 20 minutes, but Kaily and I are the only 2 in the family that have had to go under any sort of anesthesia and we both reacted badly to it. Hopefully he will be fine and recover quickly and then start packing on the pounds! He goes in on October 15 (which is Kyle's birthday), so any of you that read this try to remember him in your prayers for the next few weeks.