Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa

Jason's Mom and Dad came to visit and meet Alaina this past week. We had a good visit. We went to the beach and the Florida Aquarium and they enjoyed going to the sponge docks and shopping in the little stores there. We took this picture out back behind our apartment by the little lake. While we were out there this family of a little mama duck and her four little babies swam by. We were watching them and how cute they were and all of a sudden we heard a loud swishing sound and saw a big splash. There had been an alligator sitting on the bank that none of us, including the family of ducks, had noticed. Luckily my littles were occupied with splashing in the puddles from the rainstorm that had come through earlier in the day and didn't realize what was going on. We aren't really sure if the alligator got one of the ducks or not. We could hear the mama duck calling right after the attack, but I am hopeful she might have been squaking at her little ones to high tail it outta there. I am gonna go with that theory because the other option is just really sad. So all in all the grandparents had a fun, and eventful, vacation and we are sad they have to go home. Hopefully they will be able to come back and visit again next year.