Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am a mother of 4!!!!

I am a mother of 4?!? I AM A MOTHER OF 4!!!! That is so weird to me. I guess in my mind I always saw a family of 5 as an "average" sized family and a family of 6 was moving onto a "big" family. I have 4 littles!!
Jason was sick and so Alaina and I slept out in the family room. Kyle came out at about 1 am, followed by Mikaily at about 2, and Evan about 20 minutes later. I just made them all lay on the floor and go back to sleep. When Alaina woke up for her next feeding I was sitting there in the dark looking at the three sleeping littles on the floor and Alaina in my arms and it really hit me...I have 4 kids. If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be married with 4 children by now I would have called you crazy. I always wanted children, but never dreamed that I would have 4 by the time I was 27. I feel so lucky and so blessed and a little insane at the same time.
I was trying to get a picture of all 4 kids and realized that it may end up being my life's goal now to try to get a decent pic of all of them together. Maybe if I have like 7 other people help me.........then again, maybe not. So this is the best I could do, then the battery died....oh well.


shannon said...

that is darling!!!!!! i love Kyle's big open smile, it's so cute. you did a GREAT job. and i think it's wonderful you have 4 makes life fun and rewarding i am sure.

Nat & Kari said...

Congratulations! What a cute little family you have.